King Lear Act 2 quiz

I love thee not Kent
Draw your rogue for though it be night the moon shines Kent
I have seen better faces in my time than stands on any shoulder that I see before me at this instant Kent
O fool, I shall go mad Lear
Shut up your doors he is attended with a desperate train Cornwall
And you sir. I have been with your father and given him notice that the duke of Cornwall and regain his duchess will be here with him this night Curan
Have you heard of no likely wars toward twixt the Dukes of Cornwall and Albany Curan
In cunning I must draw my sword upon you Edmund
Persuade me to the murder of your lordship Edmund
And of my land loyal and natural boy I’ll work the means to make thee capable Gloucester
That such a slave as this should wear a sword who wears no honesty Kent
His countenance likes me not Kent
Fetch forth the stocks Cornwall
The king must take it I’ll that he so slightly valued in his messenger should have him this restrained Gloucester
My face I’ll grime with filth blanket my loins Edgar
Poor tom Edgar
Ha ha he wears cruel garters Fool
What’s he that hath so much thy place mistook to see thee here Lear
Not I the stocks fool Fool
I cannot think my sister in the least would fail her obligation Regan
Therefore I pray you that to our sister you do make return. Say you have wronged her Regan
Her eyes are fierce Lear
We’ll no more meet no more see one another Lear
I have you all Lear
O reason not the need Lear
Shut up your doors Regan
Shut up your doors, my lord. Tis a wild night Cornwall
What need one Regan
You see me here you gods a poor old man Lear
Thou art a lady if only to go warm were gorgeous why nature needs not what thou gorgeous wear’st Lear
O fool. I shall go mad! Learn

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