Keller: A Village Romeo and Juliet

Who had a major influence on Keller Feuerbach (a known atheist) Keller remained a loyal christian
What was this influence? philosophies in liberalism and materialism; social awareness
Keller’s Main themes (resultant of influential person) Social awareness
4 works that influenced this novella Romeo and Juliet, The Songs of Solomon, Dante’s Divine Comedy/ The Inferno, Gotthelf: Uli der Pöchter
Compare with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Main differences not about burning passions but about self-hood informed by societal values and suicide resultant of inability to overcome pressures
Why is this story a true representative of Poetic Realism? universal pattern played out in humble lives; low amount of vulgarity (father’s fight); written in High German despite setting; paints word pictures but keep it real wit fax
Why in Heyse’s theory frame, no character development (snapshots), only one conflict (feud), turning point (Sali strikes Marti), falke
Why in Storm’s Theory Isolation and confinement
3 symbolic elements Triangular patch of land, (crushed) gingerbread house,Verchen’s dream, stones, halbred, poppies, rosemary, roses, asters, grapevine
How can this be a bourgeois tragedy? 15 characteristics Social deterioation and loss of caste, starts from high point from which
What is the key idea in this bourgeois tragedy? De-classment

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