Julius Caesar Vocabulary List

barren unable to bear fruit; unable to bear children
chidden reproached; scolded
cogitations deep thoughts
exalted revered; elevated
fain preferably; eagerly
idle inactive, lazy
infused filled with strong emotion
lamented mourned
mettle strength of character
portentous significant; harbinger of future events
prodigies people with significant talent or ability
tyrant an absolute ruler, often oppressive
affable easygoing; likeable
appertain to belong to or relate to something
augmented enlarge
beseech to beg
emulation imitation; copying in attempt to equal or surpass someone
imminent about to occur
prevail win
shrewd good at judging people or situations; intuitive
spurn to reject
valiant honorable; noble in action
valor courage
visage face; appearance
abide to follow or tolerate
appeased satisfied; pleased
apprehensive fearful, doubtful
banished exiled; thrown out
base raw, vulgar
coffers chests or boxes used for keeping valuables
compel to drive focus
consent to give permission; allow
conspirator one who conspires, plots against
ingratitude failure to show or express thanks
legacy money or property left in a will; reputation
malice spitefulness, showing evil
apparition a spirit or ghost
chasticement a punishment or scolding
engendered created; came into existence
ensign a flag showing allegiance or nationality
envenomed made poisonous; made angry or bitter
exigent needing immediate action
fret worry
gallant courageous; courteous
levying imposing a tax or raising an army
presume believe something to be true
provender fodder for livestock
vex to annoy, irritate or confuse
assure make confident, sure
avenged sought revenge
bidding orders or instructions
bondage control; physical or emotional restraints
demeanor outward behavior
fawned tried to please, flatter
gorging greedy eating or consuming
misconstrued misinterpreted or understood incorrectly
peevish irritable;bad tempered
perils dangers; risks
spoils property taken by force
virtue goodness; admirable qualities

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