Julius Caesar test 100 notes

Shakespeare ____uses a lot of inversion
portia who is Brutus’ wife?
Octavius Caesars nephew
Calphurnia who was Caesar’s wife?
Marcus Brutus Caesar’s good friend
Lucius Brutus and Portia servant
the conspiracy Caius Cassius, Casca, Cinna, Decius Brutus
senators Cicero, Publius, Popilius Lena
tribunes Flavius, and Marullus
rulers of Rome in act 4 and 5 Mark Antony, Lepidus, Octavius
some officers of Brutus and Cassius armies Titinius, Claudius, young Cato, Dardanus, Clitus
Artemidorus warned Caesar about the conspiracy
Marullus and Flavius _________ are asking workers what they work in
Cobbler ____does a lot of puns
Marullus and Flavius _____are not happy that the people are happy that Pompey is dead
Caesar ________is advised by a soothsayer through the crowd
commoners ________are being hypocritical
soothsayer a fortune teller
she cannot have kids Caesar tells Antony to touch his wife because_____ and it was good luck
pride one of Caesars characterization is _____
Antony in the arena ___ offers Caesar the crown
Brutus ___ says he loves Caesar but he doesn’t want him as a king
Brutus ___ is a honorable and brave man
Caesar and his Wife _______ look like something bad had happened in the arena
Cassius is a two-faced man
Caesar thinks he is untouchable, he isn’t afraid of anything
Caesar who is deaf in one ear?
Antony who offered the crown to Caesar but he refused it?
Caesar who had a seizure in front of everyone?
Caesar who suffers of epilepsy?
Casca who tells them that Marullus and Flavius were either imprisoned or killed?
cassius who is the actual bad man?
his plan is to write a lot of letters praising Brutus in different hand writings so that it looks that it came from the people What is Cassius’ plan so that Brutus joins him on killing Caesar?
Casca who is talking about an owl at noon, a lion, and a slave with his hands up lit in fire?
Caesar who is gaining way to much power?
Cassius who will rather kill himself then to be Caesar’s slave?
the conspiracy who will meet in Pompey’s Theater?
the people love him and it will keep peace why does Cassius want Brutus to join them so badly?
Lucius who brings a letter “from the people” to Brutus
“!!Awake, Speak, Strike, Redress” are strong verbs!!!!
the only oath is to rescue Rome what is the only oath Brutus agrees on?
the conspiracy what is really important to keep a secret or they will be killed?
Cassius who wants to kill Mark Antony as well?
Augurers who sees no heart in the beast? (meaning he will die)
Artemidorus who was a teacher and knows that the conspiracy will kill Caesar, he also tries to warn Caesar?
soothsayer and Portia who fears something bad will happen?
Trebonius who draws Mark Antony away from Caesar?
Metellus brother who was banished and was pleading caesar
pindarus slave of Cassius
Caesar who gave no attention to the soothsayer?
caesar who would not change the law for Metellus
northern star describe him as what because he says he is not going to budge just as a favor for a friend
the conspiracy who killed Caesar?
Casca who stabs Caesar first?
Brutus Caesar loved who like a brother?
Pompeys Caesar dies under whose feet, ironically?
When Brutus stabs him when did Caesar give up and died?
Caesars blood the conspiracy wore what to show that they were not ashamed of what they did
Brutus who says “you only see the act, but you don’t see why we did this” to Antony
Antony who wants to speak at Caesars funeral?
Antony who calls the conspiracy “butchers”?
Act 3 Scene 2 what is the most important part of the poem
Brutus who loved Rome more than Caesar?
Antonys who’s speech is very important?
traitors the murderers are not honorable men they are _____
Caesars body not only do you need a good speech but also visuals, so Antony used ____
Brutus for Caesar who was his angel?
“Caesars wound” is an important metaphor and personification
2 things Caesar gave to the people of Rome $0.75 and his own land to the public
the poet, Cinna the people kill who for having the same name as the conspiracy
Second Truimph Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus are what?
Lepidus Antony doesn’t like who?
an army Brutus and Cassius are raising what?
Brutus and Cassius who has separate armies, things are different?
Brutus and Cassius who were really close friends and now they are like strangers?
Brutus and Cassius who went to talk in private, because they didn’t want to argue in front of the soldiers?
Cassius who is upset because Lupius was taking bribes
Brutus who ignores Cassius when he is accusing Lupius?
Cassius Brutus tells who that he is getting greedy?
Brutus and Cassius who are fighting
Brutus who has his own complain as well?
Cassius Brutus asks who for money for the army and who tells Brutus no? (some person)
Cassius who offers to let Brutus kill him
Portia who is dead?
Portia who commits suicide?
she ate hot coal how does Portia die?
Messala who says Antony is putting 100s of Senators to death
Philippi where will the war take place?
annachrism the book is an example of what?
ghost who/ what tells Brutus that he will see him on the battlefield
Caesar’s ghost who’s ghost was is?
Cassius’ birthday what special occasion is the day of battle?
eagles what animal followed them before and now Brutus and Cassius are being followed by ravens, crows, and kites
death the birds meant what?
suicide Brutus and Cassius are talking about committing what to prevent all the torture of the Romans?
Titinius Cassius sends who off?
Titinius who looks like he has been captured
Pindarus Cassius tells who to stab him and to be free?
the same knife as Caesar was ironically Cassius is stabbed with what?
Titinius who killed himself, because he thought it was partially his fault?

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