Julius Caesar Test

After Caesar’s death, the Second Triumvirate is composed of whom? Octavius, Lepidus, and Antony
Why does Antony disapprove of Lepidus? He doesn’t think he’s worthy or smart enough
Why are Brutus and Cassius upset with each other? Cassius is accepting his friend who has letters taking bribes
In their tent, Brutus accuses Cassius of having an “itching palm.” What does Brutus mean when he uses this phrase? His palm is itching for money
Who does the Ghost of Caesar appear to and what does he say? Brutus; he will see him at Phillipi
How does Portia die? Suicide by swallowing a burning coal
Where will Brutus and Cassius meet Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus? Phillipi
What does Cassius send Titinius to do? To see if the smoke is coming from Antony’s troops or their troops
Why does Cassius die and what are his last words? He has his friend stab him with a sword; Caesar thou art revenged and even by the sword you stabbed Caesar with
What does Antony say when he finds out that Brutus has killed himself? He calls Brutus the noblest Roman of them all
Who was Shakespeare’s wife? Anne Hathaway
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-on-Avon
When did Shakespeare die? 1616
Who was allowed to stand in the open enclosure for a penny? The Groundlings
When and where does “Julius Caesar” take place? Ancient Rome
Who was Shakespeare’s patron? Earl of Southampton
What was the name of Shakespeare’s theater? The Globe Theater
“Julius Caesar” is based off of what book? Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
What was the name of Shakespeare’s acting company? The Lord Chamberlain’s Men
Who took over the Lord Chamberlain’s Men and renamed the company? James I
What are the two professions of the commoners in Act 1 who Flavius and Marullus approach? The carpenter and the cobbler
What do Flavius and Marullus plan to do around the city of Rome? Take down decorations and disperse the crowds for the triumph
How would Flavius and Marullus describe the people of Rome? Hypocritical
What is the name of Caesar’s wife? Calpurnia
What warning does Caesar hear three times in Scene 2 of Act 1? Beware the Ides of March
What conflict is Brutus feeling in Act 1, Scene 2? Love for Caesar and love for Rome
Which of the following examples does Cassius use to show Caesar’s weakness to Brutus? Caesar fainted and had a fit while in Spain with Cassius, and Caesar almost drowned in the Tiber, but was saved by Cassius
Act 2 takes place on ____________. The Eve of the Ides of March
What finally convinces Brutus to join the conspirators? Forged letters planted by Cassius
Who is Caesar suspicious of? Cassius
What does Cassius plan to use to convince Brutus to conspire against Caesar with him? Forged letters
What does Casca relate to Cassius and Brutus about the festivities that they missed? Antony offered to make Caesar king three times
What has frightened Casca in the beginning of Scene 3 of Act 1? A series of bad omens
Why does Cassius think Casca has seen so many bad omens? They are signs that they must remove Caesar from power
Who does Cassius compare to the storm? Caesar
How does Cassius say that he will shake off the tyranny that oppresses him? Suicide
Where are the conspirators meeting in Act 1, Scene 3? Pompey’s Theater
Why does Calpurnia urge Caesar to stay home rather than appear at the Senate? She has had nightmares about his death
Why does Caesar ignore Calpurnia’s warnings? Decius convinces him to go to the Senate
What does Artemidorus offer Caesar on the street? A letter warning him
Brutus compares the need to get rid of Caesar to killing a __________ in its egg. Serpeant
T/F: upon arriving at Brutus’ orchard, the conspirators take an oath that they will kill Caesar False
T/F: Brutus does not like Julius Caesar False
T/F: Portia stabs herself in the leg to show her love and strength True
T/F: Calpurnia has a dream and urges her husband to stay home True
T/F: The conspirators decide to kill Caesar and Mark Antony False
T/F: Cicero will meet Brutus at the Capitol on March 15 False
T/F: Casca agrees to make sure Caesar is at the planned assassination spot False
T/F: the Soothslayer, Artemidorus, and Calpurnia provide forewarnings for Caesar True
T/F: Julius Caesar decides to go to the Capitol on the Ides of March because he thinks the Senate might think he is foolish and scared True
The conspirators ask _________ to pardon __________ and relieve him of his exile Caesar; Publius
__________ suggests that the conspirators wash their hands in the blood of Julius Caesar Brutus
__________ asks the conspirators to kill him if they are planning on it Antony
__________ sends a message to ___________ telling him that he should wait outside of Rome for awhile Antony; Octavius
_________ doubts the wisdom of affirming Antony’s request Cassius
At the end of this act, ________ is waiting for _________ at ________’s house Octavius/Lepidus; Antony; Caesar
On what day do the conspirators fetch Caesar to bring him to the capitol? The Ides of March
What are Caesar’s last words before he dies? Et tu, Brute?
In his soliloquy, what does Antony swear to do? Avenge Caesar’s assassination
What does Antony predict will happen in Rome? Rome will break out in Civil War
How does Brutus convince the people that he was correct to murder Caesar? He tells the people that Caesar was too ambitious
What three examples does Antony give to prove that Caesar was not too ambitious? 1. Conquers other lands and brings money back to Rome by bringing enslaved captives 2. Weeps when he sees the poor 3. Refuses the crown three times
Name two things that Caesar leaves the people of Rome in his will His money and his gardens/orchards

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