Julius Caesar Study Guide Answers

They take off the crowns from the statues of caesar. Near the end of scene 1, what do Flavius and marullus plan to do?
he is ambitious and will become too powerful What worries them about Caesar?
Caesar almost drowned, and when he was sick, he acted “as a sick girl.” What are two examples that Cassius shows that Caesar has a “weak character”
Cassius Who does Caesar characterize as having “a lean and hungry” look?
Casca Who explains the shouts of the distant crowd to Brutus and Cassius?
Warning signs that Caesar is bad and will be terrible at ruling Rome What does Cassius think the omens (bad weather) mean?
Antony is loyal to Caesar. Why does Cassius want to kill mark Antony as well as Caesar?
8 AM At what time are they planning to meet Caesar?
She has a dream Why does Calpurnia object to caesar’s going to the Capitol?
Artemidorus’ letter In scene 3, what seems to be the one remaining hope that Caesar may yet be saved?
Underestimates Antony, and falls for Cassius’ manipulations. Brutus shows himself to be a poor judge of character. How? he also makes several key mistakes. What are they?
Decius (gives Caesar another letter) Who thwarts Artemidorus in his attempt to warn Caesar of the plot against him?
when Popilius wishes Cassius good luck. What happens to make Cassius believe that the news of their conspiracy has been discovered?
He kneels before him and asks him to allow his brother to enter back into the city. What does Metellus Cimber do as a ploy to engage Caesar’s attention?
trusting Antony What huge mistake does Brutus make?
Caesar’s ambition According to Brutus, what was it that caused him to kill Caesar?
Fled the city in fear At the end of Scene 2, we learn that Brutus and Cassius have . . .
Cassius Who does Brutus blame for taking bribes?
Portia’s death; by swallowing hot coals Whose death has Brutus been sorrowing over? How did she die?
Cassius’ birthday The final battle takes place on
to find out if the soldiers by his tents are friends or enemies. Why does Cassius sent Titinius down the hill on horseback?
Pindarus To whom does Cassius speak his last words?
He gets Strato to hold his sword and stabbed himself How does Brutus finally die?
He says he was truly noble and did not act out of jelousy like the rest of the conspirators. In Antony’s last speech over Brutus’ body, how does Antony compare Brutus to the rest of the conspirators?

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