Julius Caesar Study Guide Answers

Near the end of scene 1, what do Flavius and marullus plan to do? They take off the crowns from the statues of caesar.
What worries them about Caesar? They are scared he will become to powerful
Why are Marullus and Flavius determined to destroy the celebrations of Caesar’s victory over Pompey They are scared of living without the republic
Contrast Marc Antony and Brutus Both main characters. Brutus, strong and noble man. Antony is passionate and ambitious
Despite their friendship, why doesn’t Brutus want Caesar to become king? He’s scared he will lead them into hard times
What are two examples that Cassius shoes that Caesar has a “weak character” The stories he tells about Caesar almost drowning, and the falling sickness
Who does Caesar characterize as having “a lean and hungry” look? Cassius rarely smiles, Cassius thinks to much.
Who explains the shouts of the distant crowd to Brutus and Cassius? What does it say about Caesar? Casca; Caesar is good at appearing humble to sway the crowd
Why is casca frightened as this scene opens There is a storm that could mean an omen
What does Cassius think the signs mean? Warning signs that Caesar is bad and will be terrible at ruling Rome
Throughout the play so far, we have seen that Cassius doesn’t think too highly of Caesar. Write some of the words/phrases that Cassius had used that show his contempt for Caesar? “As a sick girl” “hiss coward lips did from their color fly”
O, he sits high in all the people’s heartsAnd that which would appear iffense in us,His countenance, like richest alchemyWill change to virtue and to worthiness…Who speaks the following quote? About whom is it said? What does it mean? Casca; brutus’s power. How Brutus sides with the people
Give an example when Brutus spoke out against the behavior of the others? They would look like murderes instead of protestors of the people
Who is the only one that doesn’t seem to want Cicero to be in the plot? Brutus
Why do the others pacify him? Brutus is essential to the conspiracy
Why does Cassius plot to kill mark Antony as well as Caesar? Because mark Antony is loyal to Caesar.
How does Brutus persuade Cassius not to kill mark Antony? This was a tactical error, and Cassius knew it, but why was he will in to make it? It will be to bloody and will take away the original purpose.
Who volunteers to make sure Caesar goes out to the capital the next day? Decius
At what time are they planning to meet Caesar? 8 AM
Who is Portia Brutus’s wife
What does Portia want to know? Why he is strange and not sleeping?
What is Brutus’ answer? He is ill
Caesar does not fear death because It must come to all men
Why does Calpurnia object to caesar’s going to the Capitol? She has a dream
Using two or three sentences, describe calphurnia’s dream. A statue with blood and Romans washing their hands in the blood of caesar
How many plots does Decius use to get Caesar to go to the senate? 4 ploys; Decius is a man
In scene 3, what seems to be the one remaining hope that Caesar may yet be saved? Artemidirus tries to give him a letter
According to artemidorus, what is it that allows others to plot assassinations? Jealousy
In the following quote from artemidorus, what or who does “goodness” symbolize? Goodness= Caesar Jealousy = conspirators.
What evidence is there that Portia is starting to lose control? Starting to hear things that aren’t there
Brutus shows himself to be a poor judge of character. How? he also makes several key mistakes. What are they? Underestimates Antony, and falls for Cassius’ manipulations.
Who thwarts Artemidorus in his attempt to warn Caesar of the plot against him? Decius in his attempt to warn Caesar of the plot.
What happens to make Cassius believe that the news of their conspiracy has been discovered? when Populus wishes Cassius good luck.
Doe Cassius give himself halfheartedly to his conspiracy, or does he commit himself fully? fully committed. Cassius will slay himself if something goes wrong.
What does Metellus Cimber do as a ploy to engage Caesar’s attention? He kneels before him and asks him to allow his brother to enter back into the city.
Is Caesar conceited or truly humble? Conceited. His reaction to letting Metellus Cimber’s brother back into the city was unwilling. He is very stubborn
How do the murderers explain the death of Caesar? Brutus explains it as that he loved Caesar more then any of them, but that he loved Rome more.
What does mark Antony do when he first confronts the conspirators? He speaks to them sarcastically.
How do we know that Mark Antony’s show of friendship for the conspirators is just an act? He later talks to Caesars dead body and says that he has turned against him, and will slay them.
What huge mistake does Brutus do in this act? Trusts Antony that they will be friends again, and trusts Cassius that this will be for the good of the people.
According to Brutus, what was it that caused him to kill Caesar? Caesar’s ambition
Brutus implies that anyone who disagrees with the assassination 1: would rather be a slave, 2: would rather not be a roman, and 3: . . . Doesn’t love his country
Brutus suggests that rulers should be willing to . . . die if it is best for the country
In his speech Antony lists three times when Caesar was NOT ambitious, List them He was my friend, faithful and just to me:When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept:I thrice presented him a kingly crown,Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
Antony implies that Caesar’s will includes gifts for all the common people
What does Antony really mean when he says Brutus and his friends are “honorable” men? They are not honorable men
Antony does a good job of using pathos to stir the emotions of the crowd. He knows however, that this alone is not enough to fully commit the crowd to his side. His final strategy is when does it. In his final strategy, Antony appeals to the crowd’s . . . patriotism
At the end of Scene 2, we learn that Brutus and Cassius have . . . Fled the city in fear
The angry mod assaults Cinna because. . . his name was Cinna.
Octavius and Antony form a triumvirate with. . . Lepidus
The triumvirate seems cold and ruthless
Antony compares Leidus to a donky because. . . he is only useful for doing the work Antony doesn’t want to do.
Antony compares Lepidus to his horse because . . . Lepidus can’t do things on is own, but must be told what to do.
How is the tirumvirate “like the bear” in a bear-baiting? Bait him to kill him
The omparisons that Antony and Ocavius use (Lepidus to a donky and a horse; the triumvirate to a bear) are examples of what figure of speach Metaphor
After Brutus and Cassius meet and begin to argue, Brutus suggests meeting privaely in his tent instead. Why is this a good idea? Brutus and Cassius don’t want the soldiers to think they are not a strong front
Cassius claims he was wronged by Lucilius
Cassius claims that Brutus. . . disregarded his requests
who else does Brutus accuse of taking bribes? Cassius
Whose death has Brutus been sorrowing over? How did she die? Portia’s death; by swallowing hot coals
The quarrel between Brutus and Cassius at camp near Sardis shows Cassius’ ability to manipulate Brutus.
While speaking with Cassiusm what military action does Brutus want to take? What is one reason he give for doing this? an attack; they will grow in number.
Cassius disagrees. What is his idea? What is one reason he gives? to have the army rest, so they can make a better attack.
Why do you think Cassius gives in to Brutus? Because he is desperate to fix his and Brutus’s friendship
What reason does Caesar’s ghost give for coming to visit Brutus? To announce Brutus’s upcoming death at Phillipi
At the beginning of the scene, Octavius and Mark Antony clash on military strategy. What conflict of Act IV does this parallel? It mirrors the conflicts of Brutus and Cassius
The four leaders (Octavius, Antony, Brutus, Cassius) meet on the battlefield before the fighting begins. Which statements are true about the purpose of hat meeting? It served little strategic purpose
The final battle takes place on Cassius’ birthday
As you read lines 70-125, there is a feeling that Both men think they will probably lose the battle
Why does Cassius sent Titinius down the hill on horseback? to find out if the soldiers by his tents are friends or enemies.
To whom does Cassius speak his last words? Pindarus
Why does Titinius commit suicide? So he would not be taken prisoner by Antony’s men
Descibe how Brutus feels abou Cassius death Brutus thinks that Caesars ghost is still going to win and still is powerful enough to kill them
What does Brutus ask of Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius? He asks each of them to hold his sword as he stabs himself
How do each of the three men respond? Each of the men refuse and try to change his mind.
How does Brutus finally die? He gets Strato to hold his sword and stabbed himself
In Antony’s last speech over Brutus’ body, how does Antony compare Brutus to the rest of the conspirators? He says he was truly noble and did not act out of jelousy like the rest of the conspirators.
Who has the last lines in the play? Octavius; he speaks high of Brutus

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