Julius Caesar Study Guide Act III

In regard to Artemidorus’s request, how does Caesar’s nobility doom him? He decides to put his personal business last (Artemidorus’ letter) and Rome’s business (Decius’ request) first. This decision kills him.
What is Metellus Cimber’s petition to Caesar? What is Caesar’s response and why does he give his response? Get his brother out of exile. No, because he is Caesar and never changes his mind.
What does Brutus instruct the conspirators to do before they go before the public? Why does he istruct them to do this? Bathe their hands and swords in Caesar’s blood. To show that they are not ashamed of killing Caesar.
What request does Antony’s servant bring to Brutus? What is Brutus’s response? He says that he will be faithful to Brutus as long as he will not punish him for his friendship with Caesar. Brutus says that Antony can join them, and will be trusted.
Why does Casius object to letting Antony speaking at Caesar’s funeral? What reassurance does Brutus give him? He is afraid that Antony will arouse emotion in the Roman citizens. Brutus says he will speak first and explain the reasons why Caesar was killed, and he stipulates that Antony must not blame Brutus and the other conspirators in his speech.
What promise does Antony give Brutus about this funeral speech? He won’t say anything bad about the conspirators. He will tell the Romans that he speaks with the conspirators’ permission. He’ll speak after Brutus.
After being left alone with Caesar’s body, what does Antony promise to do? Antony is furious and willing to make Rome and it’s citizens suffer to see that the conspirators are punished.
What reason does Brutus give for murdering Caesar? What is the crowd’s reaction? He says that he did it for the good of Rome and to ensure the future safety of their beloved city. Brutus feel that killing Caesar was a patriotic act. The crowd is satisfied with Brutus’ explanation of Caesar’s murder and are emotionally moved by his speech and want to crown him in Caesar’s place.
What final mistake does Brutus make in letting Antony speak? He leaves before Antony speaks, so Antony has no one to hold him accountable and can say whatever he wishes to say.
Why does Antony read Caesar’s will to the people? The content of the will calls for all people to get a share of Caesar’s wealth. Antony wants the people to realize Caesar’s qualities and accomplishments. He tells them that Caesar was a faithful friend who brought much wealth to Rome. Antony had sympathy for the poor and that he refused the crown when it was offered to him.
What is the significance of Act III, Scene 3 of Julius Caesar? Scene 3 we are in Rome on a street and a mob has just killed Cinna, the poet. They think he is Cinna, one of the conspirators that killed Caesar. The mob is rioting!

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