Julius Caesar Study Guide Act 2 Scene 1-3

Why does Brutus think he must kill Caesar? He thinks he will turn on the people, so killing him would help benefit the Romans
Why did Artimedorus write letters to Caesar? to warn him to be wary of Brutus, Casca, and the other conspirators
When the soothsayer appears at Brutus’s and Portia’s house Portia becomes worried. Why? The soothsayer tells Portia that Caesar hasnt come to the capital yet. She thinks something is being plotted against Caesar
Brutus agrees that he must help the conspirators kill Caesar but why is he upset with the Conspirators? They way they act in secret, they are shady
Brutus compares Caesar to something. What is the something? Scene 1 a serpents egg
What finally convinces Brutus to join the conspirators? Forged letters planted in Brutus’ house by Cassius
Why does Calpurnia urge Caesar to stay home than rather go to the senate at the capital? She believes her dreams are bad omens
What does Artimedorus offer Caesar in the street? a letter that warns him about the Conspirators
Who is Portia? Brutus’s wife
Why does Caesar ignore Calpurnias warnings? Decius convinces him that Calpurnia has interpreted the dream and the omens incorrectly
Be able to describe the weather on the evening before the Ides of March? thunder and lightning
Who does Caesar send to the Senate house? decius
How does Portia feel about Brutus? She is sick and tired of being excluded from her husbands world just because shes a woman. She does not think that he is treating her like a wife
How do the other conspirators react when Brutus rejects the oath?
“For Antony is but a limb of Caesar.” Who said this? Brutus
“Do not go forth today, call it my feet that keeps you in the house and not your own.” Who says this? Calpurnia to Caesar
Who suggests that Cicero is left out of the Conspiracy? Brutus
“Since Cassius first did whet me against Caesar I have not slept.” Who says this? Brutus
“Thrice have Calpurnia in her sleep called out, help ho they murdered Caesar.” Who says this? Caesar
“Ay me how weak a thing the heart of a woman is.” Who says this? Portia
What does Brutus tell Portia that is bothering him? that it was a secret but he promised her that he would tell her later
When Cassius suggests to kill Antony after they kill Caesar and Brutus says the Conspirators should do what? He thinks they should leave Antony alive
Caesar tells Decius that his wife does not want him to go to be crowned because in her dreams she saw something. What is her dream? There were 100 holes in Caesar and all the roman people were washing their hands in the blood coming out of the holes
What does Decius say that Calpurnias dream really meant? Caesar with 100 holes with blood pouring out of them with some Romans washing their hands in it was showing that the Romans respected Caesar
Friends or Foes of Caesar. And what they do to prove that they are a friend or foe to Caesar Brutus- both, he is torn between being loyal to Caesar and doing what is best for RomeMark Antony- friendCalpurnia- friend, Caesars wifeSoothsayer- friend, warns Caesar to beware the ides of MarchPortia- friend but could also be a Foe because she is Brutus’s wifeCinna the Conspirator- foe, wants to kill CaesarCassius- Foe, him and Caesar used to be good friends but he wants Caesar dead now
Look at the T chart of Caesar and Calpurnia’s relationship and Brutus and Portia’s relationship

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