Julius Caesar: Questions and Answers

They were celebrating his victory over Pompey What were the plebeians celebrating at the beginning of the play?
He warned him about the Ides of March What did the soothsayer warn Caesar about?
It is a shoemaker What is a cobbler?
Caesar falls down in the market place What happens to Caesar after denying the crown?
Brutus and Antony spoke at his funeral Who spoke at Caesar’s funeral?
They were the plebians What were the commoners of Rome called?
Antony offers him the crown Who offers Caesar the crown?
He denied the crown 3 times How many times does Caesar deny the crown?
Octavius is Caesar’s adopted son How is Caesar and Octavius related?
The ghost of Caesar Who’s ghost appears inside Brutus’s tent?
It is March 15 When is the Ides of March?
Cassius is the leader Who is the leader in the Conspiracy against Caesar?
Antony said that at Caesar’s funeral Who said, ¨Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.¨
Touch her during the race What does Caesar ask Antony to do to Caesar’s wife?
He kills himself with his own sword What does Brutus do to himself when his army seems like they are losing?
She had a dream where Caesar was murdered Why does Caesar’s wife try to stop him from going to the Capitol?
Caesar said that when he was killed Who said ,¨Et tu, Brute.¨
They spread it on their arms and their swords What did the Conspiracy do with Caesar’s blood?
She swallowed hot coals How does Portia die?
Casca stabbed him first Who stabbed Caesar first?
He had epilepsy Why did Caesar fall in the marketplace?
They killed him for the good of Rome Why did the Conspiracy kill Caesar?
Strato held the sword Who held a sword while Brutus jumped on it?
It was fought in Philippi Where was the battle fought?
He called him the noblest Roman What did Antony call Brutus at Caesar’s funeral?
Brutus stabbed him last Who stabbed Caesar last?
Artemidorius Who wrote Caesar a letter warning him about his upcoming death?
The feast of Lupercal was at the start of the play What was the feast at the beginning of the play?
William Shakespeare wrote it Who wrote Julius Caesar?
It seemed that Brutus’s army was losing Why does Cassius kill himself?
Cassius and his made up letters Who convinced Brutus to join the conspiracy?

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