Julius Caesar Final Test Review

Brutus Called “the noblest Roman”
Caesar Suffers from the “falling sickness”
Portia Brutus’ wife
Cassius Convinces Brutus to join the plot
Calpurnia Caesar’s wife
Anotony Agrees to own nephew’s death
Artemidorous Tries to warn Caesar
Marullus Roman tribune
Octavius Caesar’s nephew
Pompey Roman leader before Caesar
Decius Brutus Convinces Caesar to attend Senate
Lucius Brutus’ servant
Casca First to stab Caesar
The Feast of Lupercal When the opening scene takes place
Fertility What does the celebration of the Lupercal observe?
To have children During Lupercal, some women wanted to be touched with a whip why?
Antony An athlete running in the ceremony
Caesar’s friend Antony is the friend of who?
Flavius and Marullus The men who urged the shopkeepers back into their stores in the opening scene were
A pair of tribunes Who were Flavius and Marullus?
For forgetting Pompey Why does Marullus criticize the mob?
A victory after defeating Pompey and his sons Why Caesar was celebrating
The ides of March What does the soothsayer’s warning involve?
March 15 When the ides of March is
He did not believe it and said he was dreamer and ignored it What Caesar did when he heard the Soothsayer’s warning?
Three How many times did Caesar refuse the crown?
He fainted and fell down What happened after Caesar was offered a crown?
Start the conspiracy against caesar Brutus did not
Brutus In order to make his plan more noble, Cassius was intent upon winning the support of who?
Brutus had a fine reputation Why did Cassius need Brutus in the plot?
He will kill himself What did Cassius say he would do if Caesar was crowned?
He does not like him What did Caesar say about Cassius?
Forged by Cassius The letter Brutus received were what?
Danger and a feeling that bad things were going to happen Storms created an atmosphere of what?
What he might do if Caesar were in power and became king In his garden, Brutus reasoned that Caesar should be killed because of?
To stop Caesar’s ambition Why does Brutus feels Caesar’s death is necessary?
Mark Antony Who does Cassius want to kill along with Caesar?
Antony should be allowed to live Brutus convinces Cassius what?
Having fun and enjoying himself Antony has what kind of reputation?
Reasons Brutus didn’t want Mark Antony killed 1. Brutus did not consider Antony politically dangerous2. Did not want the assassins to appear to be butchers3. Did not believe Antony would be a threat with Caesar gone
She resented being excluded from his confidence Portia told Brutus what?
Caesar’s death Calpurnia dreamed of what?
Spouted blood and Romans washed their hands in it Calpurnia dreamed Caesar’s statue what?
Stay home from the senate What does Calpurnia urge Caesar to do because of her dream?
The animal did not have a heart When the augers made a sacrifice, they found what?
Decius persuaded Caesar to go Caesar had promised Calpurnia not to go to the senate until what?
Decius told him the senate planned to make him king Why did Caesar go to the capital?
Artemidorous Who planned to warn Caesar, other than the soothsayer?
She stays home and does nothing Portia does what when Brutus goes to assassinate Caesar?
The soothsayer Who does Portia question?
The capital during the day The killing of Caesar was done when and where?
Trying to change Caesar’s mind on a banishment decree The conspirators draw around Caesar in the pretense of what?
Thou also Brutus “Et tu Brute” means what?
Washed their hands in his blood After killing Caesar what did the conspirators do?
Respect them When Antony meets the conspirators, he pretends to do what?
To speak at Caesar’s funeral What does Antony request?
Brutus then Antony Who is the first then second to speak at the funeral?
Brutus tells them to After listening to brutus speech the plebeians agree to listen to antony why?
To unite against the conspirators Antony works on the emotions of the plebeians by appealing to their fond memories of Caesar’s rule, explaining what Brutus’ act must have meant to Caesar as he died, and reading them Caesar’s will and appealing to their greed. He do not tell them what directly?
Honorable The ironic use of what word does the mob react to?
Brutus because of Antony The citizens turned against and wanted to kill who at the funeral
Killed him When the citizens came upon Cinna after Caesar’s funeral they what?
The anger of the mob The scene with Cinna the poet shows what?
Octavius, Antony, and Lepidus Who is in the new triumvirate?
In wanting to take the public’s legacy (inheritance) How does Antony show hypocrisy?
A menial who can only perform lesser tasks Antony considers Lepidus what?
A list of people to kill Antony and Octavius made a list of what?
Accepting graft (bribes) in selling commissions to undeserving men and withholding money that Brutus asked for Brutus becomes angry with Cassius and accuses him of what?
Bribery and corruption Brutus is distressed that Caesar’s assassination which was committed in the name of justice has led to what?
Kill herself What does Portia do?
She learns of the armed strength which Antony and Octavius have gathered against Brutus and Cassius Why does Portia kill herself by swallowing hot coal?
Move to Philippi In their last talks, Brutus convinces Cassius to do what?
Caesar’s ghost Who’s ghost appears to Brutus?
Cassius’ birthday The day of the final battle is?
He would rather die in battle or kill himself rather than be captured What does Brutus tell Cassius?
Brutus had erred in allowing Antony to live when Caesar was killed During their argument with Antony and Octavius, Cassius reminds Brutus what?
Titinius was taken prisoner What does Cassius erroneously believe?
Cassius first kills himself Who is the first conspirator to kill himself?
Lucilius pretend to be Brutus Who does Lucilius pretend to be when he is taken prisoner?
In act 5 The ghost of Caesar appears to Brutus a second time when?
By running onto his sword held by Strato on a break in between battles How does Brutus kill himself?
Invites Strato to join forces When Octavius sees Brutus’ corpse, he does what to Strato?
Brutus would be given a soldier’s funeral with honors What does Octavius announce in his final speech?

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