Julius Caesar Final Exam

Flavius a tribune who scolds the plebians for cheering for Caesar right after they cheered for Pompey. He and Marcellus are punished for removing decorations from statues during Cauesar’s triumphal parade
Marcellus a tribune who scolds the plebians for cheering for Caesar right after they cheered for Pompey. He and Flavius are punished for removing decorations from statues during Cauesar’s triumphal parade
Julius Caesar a Roman general who recently returned to Rome. He may soon become king, which would end Rom’s republican governement.He is very proud, arrogant, ambitious, and thinks very highly of himself
Casca a tribune as well as a conspirator against Caesar. He resents Caesar’s ambition and is the first to stab him.
Calphurnia Caesar’s wife; believes strongly in omens and signs. SHe strongly suggest that Caesar does not go to the Senate on the Ides of March because of her bad dreams. He can not have children
Mark Antony loyal friend of Caesar; he speaks at Caesar’s funeral, and rallies the people against the conspirators; he is very resourceful and unscrupulous. Towards the end he leads an army against Brutus and Cassius and defeats them
Soothsayer warns Caesar about the Ides of March
Brutus well-regarded nobleman who is one of the conspirators. He feels that he must place the good of Rome over his own interests or friends. He is the only one that actually kills Caesar for the good of Rome; he is easily manipulated since he thinks that all Romans have good motives like he does
Cassius organizes the conspiracy; a general the hates the fact that Caesar is so highly revered. He convinces Brutus to believe Caesar is bad and needs to be killed. He is the one that uses forged letters to sway Brutus; he knows the political worlk and is an effective worker in it
Cicero a Roman Senator that is known for his oratorical skill. He speaks at Caesar’s trimphal parade. He is wise, respected, and people will follow him because of it. He doesn’t actually participate in the conspiracy, but Antony, Octavuis, and Lepidus kill him as a suspect anyway
Cinna a conspirator, plants the forged letter at Brutus’ house for Cassius
Cinna the poet mistaken for the conspirator also named Cinna; because of this he was beaten and possibly killed by the crowd
Lucius a servant of Brutus, lets the conspirators in the house. Plays the lute to put Brutus to sleep; also takes a message to the Senate for Portia
Decius reinterprets Calphurnias’s dream. Convinces Caesar to go to the Senate on the Ides of March; also is one of the conspirators that seconds Cimber’s petition; gets rid of Artemidorous
Metellus Cimber one of the conspirators; distracts Caesar by begging him to allow his brother out of exile. This gave Casca time to sneak around behind Caesar
Trebonius the one Caesar tells to stay close; takes Antony away from the murder scene so he can’t interfere
Portia daughter of Cato, very noble; Brutus’s wife that worries greatly about Brutus and is offended when Brutus will ot tell her what is wrong. She later swallows hot coals to commit suicide because she is so worried about Brutus
Ligarius The sick amn that comes to visit Brutus. He tells Brutus he will do anything and doesn’t care where he goes as long as Brutus is leading him; he has a grudge against Caesar
Publius escorts Caesar to the Senate; tells Artemidorous to stand aside as they walk; he is a Senator
Artemidorous writes a letter of warning to Caesar, but since it pertains to himsel,Caesar refuses to read it; all the conspirators are named in the letter
Popillius wishes Cassius well; says he hopes his endeavor goes well then says good luck; makes Cassius think he knows of their plan to kill Caesar
Octavius Caesar’s adopted nephew; the appointed successor of Caesar. Joins in with Antony to fight Cassius and Brutus; he is very young, possibly 19 or 20
Lepidus the third part of the triumverate with Antony and Octavius. They consider him good for nothing except running errands. They compare him to a horse and see him as a tool
Pindarus servant of Cassius. Cassius captured him as a slave during a battle. He kills cassius in return for his freedom
Lucilius a soldier of Brutus, guards the tent; impersonates Brutus as a distraction
Messala soldier of Brutus; takes reports to Cassius for Brutus. Brings the news the Brutus that Portia is dead and discovers that Cassius is dead
Varro one of Brutus’ soldiers that is asleep in the tent when Caesar’s spirit comes to Brutus. He and Claudius are there in case Brutus needs them to run an errand
Claudius one of Brutus’ soldiers that is asleep in the tent when Caesar’s spirit comes to Brutus. He and Varro are there in case Brutus needs them to run an errand
Titinius an officer that guarded the tents. went out investigate a group of men. Cassius kills himself when he thinks this person is captured, then this person kills himself when he finds Cassius dead
Cato Portia’s brother that dies in battle next to Lucillius
Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius refuse to kill Brutus
Strato kills Brutus
They want them to go back to work What do Flavius and Marcellus want the commoners to do?
Beware the Ides of March What is the Soothsayer’s advice to Caesar?
Cassius Who doesn’t like Caesar, and is trying to organize people to kill him?
Brutus Who doesn’t really want Caesar to be king, but kind of likes him and doesn’t really know what to think?
He thinks too much and is dangerous What does Caesar think of Cassius?
because he rejected the crown then fainted What does Casca say is making Caesar sad?
he is in a high position and is close to Caesar Why do the conspirators want Brutus to join them?
he must kill Caesar for the good of Rome What decision does Brutus come to in his orchard?
a fake letter that attempts to sway him What does Lucius give to Brutus in Scene 1, Act 2?
Their reasons and their word should be enough Why doesn’t Brutus want to swear an oath?
Credibility Why does Metellus Cimber wants Cicero to join the conspirators?
Cicero won’t follow and Antony will no longer be a threat Why doesn’t Brutus want to include Cicero or kill Antony?
Calphurnia Who has bad dreams and tries to convince Caesar to stay home from the Senate on the Ides of March?
Decius Who changes Caesar’s mind by reinterpreting Calphurnia’s dreams and telling Caesar he might lose his crown if he doesn’t go?
Artemidorous Who tries to give Caesar a letter that tells him to beware of all the men around hime and if he reads the letter he will be saved?
Caesar Who states that he is immovable like the Northern Star, steady and unchanging right before getting killed?
Mt. Olympus, gods, says he is immortal Besides just talking smack to the Soothsayer, what does Caesar compare himself to?
They say they did it for the good of Rome What do the conspirators say to justify killing Caesar?
Antony Who sends a message through one of his servants to the conspirators to ask if he can come see them safely?
yes, as long as Brutus speaks first Does Brutus let Antony speak?
No Does Cassius think letting Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral is a good idea?
He has to go after Brutus and not say anything against the conspirators On what conditions is Antony allowed to speak?
Brutus Who says that they killed Caesar so no one else would be enslaved, and tries to show the people how good it is that Caesar is dead?
Antony Who says that the conspirators are “honorable men” sarcastically and stirs up the people against the conspirators?
Brutus and Cassius Who flees for their lives once they saw the people were mad at them and chasing them?
Cinna the poet Who is the person that the angry mob mistakes for one of the conspirators? This shows how out of control the situation is.
The list of people to be killed Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus gather to discuss who would be placed on what?
his horse What does Antony compare Lepidus to?
Differences over battle strategy What causes the problem between Brutus and Cassius?
Brutus The fact that Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus have put 100 senators to death and the news that Portia is dead is the news brought to whom?
Brutus Who wants to go ahead to Philippi to get any person that would join Antony behind them?
They will meet again in Phillipi What message did Caesar’s ghost bring Brutus?
Cassius ordered him to Why did Pindarus stab Cassius?
he thought Titinius had been killed Why did Cassius order Pindarus to stab him?
He finds Cassius dead Why does Titinius say “The sun of Rome is set!”?
Marcus Brutus; it is really Lucillius Who do the soldiers believe they have captured? Who is it really?
Strato Who kills Brutus?
Brutus killed Caesar for the right reasons Why does Antony say Brutus was “the noblest Roman of them all”?
blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter
iambic pentameter each line consists of 5 iambs
iamb an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
end-stopped lines lines that end in punctuation
run on lines lines that do not end in punctuation
it matches the rythym of English speech Why does Shakespeare write in iambic pentameter?
comedies, histories, poetries, tragedies, and romances What type of plays did Shakespeare write?
tragedy and history What 2 types of play is Julius Caesar?
The Globe What is the main theater associated with Shakespeare?
no Did Shakespeare use elaborate sets?
No Were females allowed to act?
tragedy a play, novel, or other narrative that depicts serious and important events and ends unhappily for the main character
March 15th What is the Ides of March?
tragic hero someone “highly renowned and prosperous” who experiences a great fal from tremendous fortune
tragic flaw a fundamental character weakness that leads to the tragic hero’s downfall
catharsis an emotional purging
anachronism an item or event that is chronologically out of place in a story
the clock that chimes and the doublet What are 2 examples of anachronism in JC?
poor common people Who are Julius Caesar’s most loyal supporters to begin with?
April 23, 1564 Shakespeare’s birthday
April 23, 1616 Shakepeare’s date of death
March 15, 44 BC date conspirators plan to kill Caesar

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