Julius Caesar Deaths

Julius Caesar stabbed in the back with a knife on the ides of Marchact three scene 2
Portia swallowed hot coals to kill herself before she could be taken captive and questioned about her husband Brutus
Cassius believes he is losing the battle against Mark Antony and the second triumvirate so he commands his slave to run a blade through him he technically did not commit suicide but it is believed he did act 5 scene 3
Titinius commits suicide with the blade that killed Cassius because Cassius died his death was nobleAct 5 scene 3
Cinna the poet he had the name of a conspirator so the Romans killed him
Cato dies honorably in battleact 5 scene 4
Brutus gets friend to hold sword while he runs into it killing himself this act of suicide made him a noble man his name will not be tarnished because he realized he made a bad choice killing Caesaract 5 scene 5
70-100 Senators; including Cicero murdered because of their part in the conspiracy

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