Julius Caesar Crossword Puzzle

Octavious Caesar’s nephew who returns to Rome after the assassination, and later joins Antony and Lepidus as part of the ruling Triumvirate
Cicero A respected Senator of Rome who is not asked to join the conspiracy, but who is executed by Antony and Octavius
Philippi This Greek location is the place where the great battle takes place
Carpenter A worker who takes a day off in Act One to go see Caesar’s triumphant return to Rome
Lepidus One of the ruling Triumvirate after the death of Caesar. Antony compares him to his horse
Caesar A great general of Rome, who has recently won a civil war against Pompey and returns to Rome in triumph
Flavius One of the Tribunes of the People of Rome who tries to dampen down the celebrations over Caesar’s victory over Pompey
Strato This soldier in Brutus’ army holds the sword that Brutus throws himself on
Casca This Roman is an ally of Cassius and a member of the conspiracy before Brutus
Artemidorus This character tries to warn Caesar of the plot, but he is unable to deliver his message
Cassius The mastermind behind Caesar’s assassination, and experienced soldier
Murellus This character urges commoners not to overdo the celebrations on Caesar’s return at the start of the play
Sardis A place in Western Turkey where Brutus assembles the troops before the final battle
Rome This Italian city is the setting for the first three acts of the play
Metellus _____ Cimber; one of the conspirators against Caesar, pleads for repeal of his brother’s banishment just before the assassination
Antony A powerful orator, this friend of Caesar’s wages war against the conspirators. His rousing speech at the funeral causes Romans to turn against the conspirators
Portia The wife of Brutus who wants him to share his troubles with her. She commits suicide by swallowing hot coals
Lucius A servant in the house of Brutus
Calpurnia Caesar’s wife who places great faith in omens and portents. As a result of a nightmare, she tries to persuade Caesar to stay home on the Ides of March
Decius This conspirator against Caesar ensures that Caesar comes to the capital on the Ides of March
Lucilius An officer in Brutus’ army who claims to be Brutus when captured
Cobbler One of the tradesmen who leaves his shop to go see Caesar’s triumph
Trebonius This conspirator keeps Antony out of the way while the others stab Caesar
Cinna A poet who has the same name as the conspirator who is killed by the mob
Pindarus Cassius’ slave who kills Cassius at the latter’s request
Brutus A noble Roman who is persuaded to join the plot to thwart Caesar’s ambition. Antony calls him “the noblest Roman of them all”
Publius Caesar refuses to repeal the banishment of this character, the brother of Metellus Cimber
Tiber Rome is built on this river
Soothsayer This character warns Caesar of the ides of March, but he is dismissed as a dreamer
Ligorius A sick man who recovers his health when asked to help Brutus
Pompey A Roman general who has recently been defeated in a civil war by Julius Caesar in the start of the play

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