Julius Caesar Characters

Flavius and Marullus tribunes who want to protect the people from Caesar’s tyranny
Julius Caesar emperor of Rome
Casca joins the conspiracy the night before the assassination; first to stab Caesar
Mark Antony a confident and devoted follower of Caesar; one of the triumvirs
Calpurnia wife of Caesar
Calpurnia Who urges Caesar to stay home on the Ides of March?
Soothsayer Warns Caesar “Beware the Ides of March”
Brutus a magistrate of Rome; known for his honesty and noble nature; joins the conspiracy out of fear that Caesar will become a tyrant
Cassius organizes the conspiracy and recruits Brutus; Brutus’ brother-in-law
Cicero senator and famous orator (speaker) of Rome
Cinna conspirator who comes up with the idea of having “noble Brutus” in the conspiracy; plants anonymous letters for Brutus
Lucius Brutus’ young servant
Decius Brutus conspirator who persuades Caesar to attend the senate on the Ides of March
Metallus Cimber conspirator who attracts Ceasar’s attention by requesting his brother’s banishment be repealed
Trebonius first of the conspirators to second Brutus’ argument not to kill Antony; one who lures Antony away during the murder
Portia wife of Brutus; commits suicide by eating coals
Caius Ligarius final member of conspiracy
Publius elderly senator who escorts Caesar to the capitol
Artemidorus gives Caesar the letter listing the conspiritors that will kill him
Popilius Lena senator who wishes Caesar well in his “enterprise” as Ceasar enters the Senate house
Cinna, a poet killed because of the angry mob mistaking him for a conspirator
Octavious Caesar adopted son and heir of Julius Caesar one of the triumvirs who rule following Ceasar’s death
Lepidus joins Antony and Octavious to form the second triumvirate to rule the roman empire after the assassination of Caesar
Titinius an officer in the army commanded by Cassius and Brutus
Messala a soldier serving under Brutus and Cassius; reports the death of Portia to Brutus at Sardis
Varro and Calusius servants of Brutus; they spend the night in his tent at Sardis; neither of them observes the ghost of Caesar that appears to Brutus
He thinks that he is dangerous What are Caesar’s thoughts about Cassius?
organizes the conspiracy What plans does Cassius make about Ceasar?
the list of conspirators planning to kill him What note does Artemidorus want to give to Caesar?
talking about Metallus’ banished brother What excuse do the conspiractors use to surround Ceasar?
Liberty, Freedom, Tyranny is Dead! What do they shout after killing Caesar?
1. Can’t blame conspiritors2. Speaks well of Caesar3. Speaks after Brutus Under what conditions will Antony be allowed to speak at the funeral?
1. too free the slaved Roman citizens2. Caesar was “too ambitious”3. He loves Rome more than Ceasar What reasons di Brutus give for killing Caesar?
They want Antony to be their leader and they want revenge. How does Antony’s speech affect the people?
Antony’s speech When is the major turning point in the play?
Pindarus at Philippi, he erroneously tells his master, Cassius, that the scout, Titinius, has been captured by the enemy
Young Cato son of Marcus Cato, the brother of Portia, the brother-in-law of Brutus, & a soldier in the army commanded by Brutus
Clitus and Dardanius servants of Brutus; they refuse their master’s request at Philipi to kill him
Caesar’s Ghost Who does Brutus think caused the two suicides?
Volumnius a friend of Brutus & a soldier under him command at Philipi; he refuses to hold a sword for Brutus to impale himself on
Strato loyal servant who holds Brutus’s sword so that he may commit suicide; later, he becomes a servant to Octavius

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