Julius Caesar Character Traits

Caius Cassius the instigator of the assassination plot against Julius Caesar
Caius Cassius is sly and manipulative
Caius Cassius recruits Marcus Brutus to join the conspiracy by referring to Caesar’s growing ambition and increasing lack of concern for the common man
Caius Cassius tricks Brutus into believing that the people want Caesar disposed of by sending him false letters he has written in disguised handwritting
Caius Cassius his reason for killing Caesar was that Cassius is the type of person who is never satisfied if someone is above him-extremely jealous
Caius Cassius constantly hints at suicide throughout the play
Caius Cassius at the end of the play he has Pindarus his slave kill him with his own sword
Caius Cassius begins to believe in omens at the end of the play
Caius Cassius brother-in-law to Brutus-married Brutus’ sister
Caius Cassius a hot tempered man who is quick to find fault in others
Caius Cassius makes wise decisions but allows Brutus to overrule him
Julius Caesar member of the first Roman triumvirate composed of Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar
Julius Caesar at the beginning of play has already been made king of the Roman empire, but wants to be made king for life
Julius Caesar is over-confident and susceptible to flattery and is overly ambitious
Julius Caesar supposedly has epilepsy and is deaf in one ear
Julius Caesar is married to Calpurnia, but has no biological children
Julius Caesar has adopted his grand-nephew Octavius Caesar as his legal heir
Calpurnia wife of Julius Caesar
Calpurnia is barren and unable to give Caesar the son he desperately wants
Calpurnia pleads with Caesar to stay home from the Senate on the Ides of March by retelling the unnatural events that occurred during the violent thunderstorm the evening before and the prophetic dream she had of his death
Octavius Caesar the adopted legal heir of Julius Caesar
Octavius Caesar a young man inexperienced in military and political matters, but one that has strong feelings and confidence in his ability
Octavius Caesar at the end of the play, he has the final words and is projected to take command of the second triumvirate composed of Octavius, Mark Antony, and Lepidus
Octavius Caesar does not always agree with Antony
Mark Antony in the beginning of the play considered to be a simple playboy who has no political clout
Mark Antony is a mastermind of the second triumvirate and works the fickle Roman public into a state of anarchy and rebellion against the conspirators
Mark Antony a powerful orator
Mark Antony fools the conspirators into believing that he is their friend
Mark Antony cries Havoc and vows to gain total revenge against the conspirators
Lepidus the third member of the second triumvirate
Lepidus not considered an equal by the other two members, Antony and Octavius
Lepidus thought to be useful by the other two as only an errand boy
Lepidus was brought into the triumvirate because he was a leader of the military under Caesar and, therefore, had control of a large army that the second triumvirate needed
Marcus Brutus “the noblest Roman of them all”
Marcus Brutus a stoic which means that he adheres to the principle that people should rise above emotional upsets and be unmoved by all or any life’s happenings
Marcus Brutus does not believe in the concepts of kings,

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