Julius Caesar Character List

Flavius and Marullus tribunes who are anti-caesar and got “put to silence” for taking off the decorations from caesar’s statues
Julius Caesar Successful military leader who wants the crown of Rome by denying it; assassinated by the conspirators and his spirit appears to Brutus at Sardis and Philippi
Casca The first conspirator to stab Caesar and a friend who doesn’t think that he’s a good ruler.
Calpurnia Wife of Caesar and tries to get him to stay home
Mark Antony Caesar’s right-hand man who is part of the Triumvirate after his death
Mark Antony fools Brutus into letting him speak at Caesar’s funeral and cause a rebillion using pathos
A soothsayer Warns Caesar during the celebration of the feast of Lupercal to beware the ides of March and tries again as he enters the Senate House, but fails both times
Brutus A judicial magistrate of Rome; joins the conspiracy because he fears Caesar will become tyrant and because of the forged letters by Cinna
Brutus an idealist who commits suicide by having Strato hold him Cassius’ sword so he could run into it
Cassius organizes the conspiracy and recruits Brutus because of his likability with the plebeians convincing him through the letters;
Cassius wanted to assassinate Antony, not let him speak at the funeral and commits suicide by having Pindarus stab him when he thinks Brutus has been defeated
Cicero A senator and a famous orator of Rome. Calm and philosophical when meeting excited Casca during the night before the assassination; triumvirs put him to death
Cinna Conspirator urging Cassius to bring Brutus into the conspiracy
Lucius Brutus’ young servant; is treated with understanding, gentleness, and tolerance;
Decius Conspirator who persuades Caesar to attend the Senate on the day of his assassination by fabricating a flattering interpretation of Calpurnia’s dream and by telling Caesar that the Senate intends to crown him king.
Metellus Cimber Conspirator that attracts Caesar’s attention by requesting that his brother’s banishment be repealed while the assassins surround Caesar to kill him
Trebonius lures Antony out of the Senate House so the assassination can take place without Antony
Portia Wife of Brutus who argues that Brutus can trust her with the secret of the conspiracy, but is afraid she’ll tell about the conspiracy
Portia commits suicide by swallowing fire when she realizes that her husband is going to die
Caius Ligarius inspired by Brutus’ nobility to join the conspirators in the early morning of the assassination despite the fact he’s sick
Publius Elderly senator who witnesses the assassination; Brutus sends him out to tell the citizens that no one else will be harmed
Artemidorus teacher of rhetoric who refused to join the conspiracy
Artemidorus Tries to give Caesar a letter as he enters the Capitol warning him of his death along with names, but Caesar ignores it
Popilius Lena Senator who wishes Cassius well in his enterprise which makes him and Brutus think he knows
Cinna the poet Is at first confused for Cinna the conspirator on the way to Caesar’s funeral; even when they find out he’s not a conspirator, they kill him just because he’s name is Cinna and he’s upset
Octavius Caesar Caesar’s nephew and adopted son who becomes a triumvir and he with Antony lead the army that defeats Cassius and Brutus at Philippi
Lepidus A triumvirate who is weak so Antony uses him essentially to run errands
Lucilius officer who impersonates Brutus at the second battle of Philippi and is captured by Antony’s soldiers
Lucilius Antony admires his loyalty to Brutus and thus he protects him, hoping that Lucilius will choose to serve him as loyally as he did Brutus
Pindarus At Philippi, he tells Cassius, that the Titinius has been captured by the enemy instead of being greeted by the victorious forces of Brutus;
Titinius officer in the army commanded by Cassius and Brutus; and after finding cassius dead, he kills himself the same way Cassius did
Messala soldier serving under Brutus and Cassius giving information concerning the advance of the triumvirs
Messala tells Brutus Portia died when they were in Sardis and discovers Cassius’ body
Varro and Claudius Servants of Brutus who spend the night in his tent at Sardis and neither of them see Caesar’s ghost
Young Cato a soldier in the army commanded by Brutus and Cassius who dies during the second battle at Philippi while trying to inspire the army by loudly proclaiming that he is the son of Marcus Cato and that he is still fighting.
Clitus and Dardanius Servants of Brutus who refuse to kill Brutus at Philippi
Volumnius A friend of Brutus and soldier under Brutus’ command at Philippi who refuses to hold a sword for Brutus to kill himself
Strato loyal servant who holds Brutus’ sword so that he may commit suicide and later became a Octavius’ servant

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