Julius Caesar Book

Who’s Brutus’ wife? Brutus’ wife is Portia.
Why did Brutus agree to kill Caesar? Brutus agreed to kill Caesar for the good of Rome.
What are the Ides of March? The Ides of March is when Caesar died.
Who is the leader of the Conspiracy? The leader is Cassius.
What happened to Caesar in the river with Cassius? Caesar was drowning and Cassius had to save him.
Who are the Plebians? The Pleblians are the commoners and the lower class
Why does Caesar want Antony to touch Calphernia? Caesar wants her to touch Antony to rid her of her stirility.
What does Caesar’s will promise? Caesar’s will promises 75 drachmas
How many times does Caesar refuse the crown? He refuses the crown 3 times.
Who tries to give Caesar the crown? Antony tries to give Caesar the crown.
What type of crown does Antony try to give Caesar? Antony tries to give Caesar a circlet.
Who did Cassius ask to hold the sword to kill himself? Cassius asked Pindarous to hold out the sword to kill himself.
How does Brutus die? He gets stabbed by his own sword.
Who are the 2 government officials? The 2 government officials are Flavius and Murellus.
Who’s ghost appears to Brutus? Caesar’s ghost appears and promises to be at the battle the next day.
Who told Brutus and Cassius Caesar refused the crown? Casca told Brutus and Cassius that Caesar refused the crown.
Artemendourus warns Caesar. How does he do it? He warns Caesar through a letter.
Octavious, Antony, and Lepidus make a list. WJo is on that list? The conspriacy is on that list.
What was the fearful storm that interpreted as on March 14th? It was interpreted as an omen.
Why did Brutus and Cassius go inside during their argument? They went inside because they didn’t want to fight in front of their troops.
Antony and Octavius agreed to give Brutus what? They agreed to give Brutus a honorable bureal.
Who were the cobblers? The cobblers were shoe makers.
During battle, who were Cassius’ right hands? Cassius’ 2 righgt hands are Titinius and Pindarous.
Where did Brutus die? Brutus died in Philipi.
What feast was on February 15th? the Feast of Luprical is on February 15th.
Who called Brutus the nobalist Roman? Antony called Brutus the nobelist Roman.
Why was Caesar hesitant to go out on March 15th? Caesar was hesitant to go out because his wife had a bad dream and he believed it was an omen.
Who put the letter on the chair, window, and statue? Cinna puts the letter on the chair, window, and statue by the order of Cassius.
What statue does Caesar die at the base of? Caesar dies at the base of the Statue of Pompey.
What were Caesar’s last words? Caesar’s last words were “Et tu Brute then fall Caesar.”

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