Julius Caesar (Background)

Where and when was Shakespeare born? Born: April 23, 1564 Where: Stratford, England
What theatre did Shakespeare help build? the Globe Theatre
When did he die? April 23, 1616
In what historical period was Shakespeare living? Who was the ruler of England at that time? Time: The RenaissanceRuler: Queen Elizabeth I
What three types of plays did Shakespeare write? Comedy, Tragedy, Romance
What was it like to go to a play during Shakespeare’s time? Open Air Theatre Performance during day Wealthy bought SeatsPoor stood on groundly
What historian did Shakespeare use as a source for writing Julius Caesar? Peutarch
When and Where did Julius Caesar live? Rome 44 B.C
Who is Pompey? Although he is not a character in the play, why is he important to the plot? He is a Roman general who was defeated by Caesar Some people are still loyal to him not Caesar

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