Julius Caesar and the 2nd Triumurate

Who did Julius Caesar become governor and general of in 59bce? What book did he write? Gaul. Comumentarus on the Gallue Wars.
Was Crassus a good general? No. he was killed and his army was defeated by Julius Caesar.
Who did the senate decide to support? Pompey.
What did the senate do to try to get Caesar to come to Rome so they can kill him? Did it work? They wrote a letter thanking him for all he has done and ordered him to disband his army and leave them in Gaul and come to Rome as a private citizen. No.
How did Caesar respond to the letter? He said no cause he knew he was going to be killed. So in January 10, 49bce, he crossed the Reubicon River becoming a traitor.
What is reubicon mean? It now means the point of no return, or a life changing thought.
What is Pompey doing at this time? He is raising an army in Greece cause Caesar has a seasond army.
Who won the fight? Caesar
Where does Pompey travel and what happened? Egypt. Pompey was murdered. Caesar meets Cleopatra 7. Caesar wins the war in Egypt.
Where does Pompey’s army go next and who won? It went to Spain where it was defeated for good by Caesar.
What was Caesar’s life span? 100-44bce
What happened when Caesar returns to Rome in 44bce? He was given the name as dictator for 10 years. In February 44bce he became dictator for life.
What were Caesars reforms? -increased size of senate from 300 to 900 people-granted citizenship to 1,000 people in the provincesr-gave over 100,000 soldiers land-changed the Lunar Calender
By whom and when was Julius Caesar assassinated? He was assassinated by a group of senators on March 15,44bce.
Why did the group of senators assassinate Julius Caesar? They did it to restore the Roman Republic.
Who was in the 2nd Triumurate? -Octavian( age 19 ): grand nephew of Julius Caesar; was given all of Caesars army; given a lot of money in Caesars will-Mark Antony: Caesar’s most trusted officer-Marcus Lepidus
What were the goals of the 2nd Triumurate? to avenge Caesar’s death.
How did they go about doing it? They killed 2,000 to 3,000 people
Who left the group? Marcus Lepidus
What did the group decided to do after Marcus left? Cut Rome in half.

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