Julius Caesar Act V

cur dog
stoic unemotional, accepts things the way they are (Brutus never succumbs to his feelings)
theme universal idea
protagonist the guy that has the problem (Brutus trying to do the right thing)
resolution how the story resolves and wraps up
antagonist giving trouble to the protagonist (Antony, Octavius, Caesar’s ghost)
tragedy fatal flaw in the story, a really good person dies
About what do Octavius and Antony argue? Octavius is going to take the right side, really a fight about power
What is significant about this day for Cassius? up until this day, they have been having eagles following them, now scavengers are (things have turned for the worst)
What are twi things Brutus says he will never do, even if he loses the war? go to Rome in bondage and take his own life like Cato
How does Brutus feel about the battle at this point? regardless of the outcome, he wouldn’t have done anything differently (no regrets)
Who wins the first battle? Antony and Brutus
What does Cassius sent Titinius to do? to find out which army a group of soldiers far away belong to
Why does Cassius decide to kill himself? he misunderstands when he sees Titinius, thinking he caused his best friend ti be captured
How does Cassius’s death help Pindarus? he is a free man
What mistake caused Cassius’s death? he thought he caused his best friend to be taken prisoner
What does Titinius do when Messala goes to inform Brutus of Cassius’s death? he kills himself also
What happens to Cato? he died in battle
Who does Lucilius pretend to be? Brutus
What happens to Lucilius? they figure out he is not Brutus and take him as a prisoner of war
What does Brutus ask Clitus, Dardanius, and Volomnius to do? kill him or help kill him
According to Marc Antony, why is Brutus better than the other conspirators? he was the only one who did what he did in the good service for Rome

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