Julius Caesar Act One Quototations

“O you hard-hearted people, you cruel men of Rome, didn’t you know Pompey the Great?” Marullus
“If we can pluck these growing feathers out of Caesar’s wing, we can force him to fly lower.” Flavius
“barren women, when touched in this holy race, are able to shake off the curse of sterility.” Caesar
“I shall remember When Caesar says ‘Do this,’ It is dont.” Marc Antony
“Beware the Ides of March.” Soothsayer/Fortune Teller
“I fear that the people choose Caesar for their king.” Brutus
“I was born as free as Caesar and so were you. We both have eaten as well, and we can both Suffer the winter’s cold as well as Caesar.” Cassius
“Cassius over there is too lean and hungry looking; he thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.” Caesar
“Such and such are reasons, they are natural occurrences, because I believe that they are completely strange events, full of meaning for the place where they occur.” Casca
“It’s a very pleasing night to honest men.” Cassius
“O, he has a high place in the hearts of the Roman people, and what would appear offensive if we did it, his approval, like precious alchemy, will transform it to something virtuous and worthy.” Casca

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