Julius Caesar Act One

Act 1 of a play provides basic information about the characters and their situation.What is this part of a play called? the exposition
Flavius’ conversation with the commoners in the beginning of Act 1 gives important information. What else does it provide? humor
In Act 1, Scene 1, why do Flavius and Marullus try to stop people from celebrating? They resent the fact that Caesar has defeated and murdered Pompey
When is the feast of Lupercal? February 15
At the beginning of Act 1, Scene ii, what warning does Soothsayer give? He warns Caesar to beware of a date in March
In Act 1, Scene ii, why does Cassius flatter Brutus? He needs Brutus to support his plot against Caesar
What internal conflict does Brutus face in Act I? He is Caesar’s friend, but he does not want to live under a king
According to Cassius, who is to blame for Caesar’s rise to power? Romans like Cassius and Brutus
Why does Caesar distrust Cassius? Cassius thinks too much and is too clever
According to Casca, how did Caesar react when he was offered the crown? He rejected it three times, but he really wanted to accept it
At the beginning of Act 1, Scene iii, when Casca describes the thunderstorm, why is he upset? He is afraid that the gods are angry and something bad will happen
Why does Cassius believe that Brutus should be part of the plot against Caesar? People respect Brutus and will accept what he does
On what day does Act II begin? the ides of March
Why does Brutus decide to join the conspiracy against Caesar? He wants to protect Rome from tyranny
Hide it in smiles and affability… Keep the plot secret by acting friendly and normal
The conspiracy members agree not to attack Mark Antony. Why do they make this decision? They are afraid of turning public opinion against
Why do the conspirators want Caesar to go to the Senate on the ides of March? so that they can kill him
For he is superstitious grown of late…. Lately, he has become someone who listens to omens
Why does Calpurnia ask Caesar not to go to the Senate? She believes her frightening dreams are bad omens
Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come He seems brave and dignified
How does Decius persuade Caesar to go to the senate? He says the Senators are planning to offer Caesar the crown
At the end o f Act II, what plans do Artemidorus and the soothsayer have? They both want to warn Caesar that he is in danger
At the beginning of Act III, the conspirators gather around Caesar and ask him to pardon someone. How does Caesar answer them? proudly and arrogantly
What is the real reason that the conspirators gather around Caesar at the beginning of Act III? They are about to kill him
When Antony speaks to the conspirators right after Caesar’s death what does he say? He says he will support them if they explain their actions
When Antony delivers a dramatic speech over Caesar’s body, he is alone on stage. What is the name of this kind of speech? soliloquy
In his speech over Caesar’s body, Antony says that Caesar’s wounds “beg” him to do something. What do they beg him to do? get revenge for Caesar’s death
Brutus is first to speak at Caesar’s funeral. How would you describe the feelings he expresses? sincere
Which term is the name for a long speech by one character and heard by the other characters on stage? monologue
In his funeral speech, which line does Antony repeat several times? “Brutus is an honorable man”
Despite his words, what does Antony convince the crowd of in his funeral speech? that Brutus is a villain without honor
What does Antony mean when he tells the crowd that a good speaker could accomplish the following deed,”Put a tongue in every wound of Caesar’s that should move, the stones of Rome to rise and mutiny”? A good speaker could convince Romans to seek vengeance for Caesar’s death
Why does a group of plebeians attach Cinna, the poet, at the end at the end of Act III? He has the same name as one of the conspirators
What impression of the plebeians does Shakespeare give in Act III? They are easily manipulated
At the beginning of Act IV, what do Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus reveal? They will kill their own relatives in order to stay in power in Rome
What is the conflict between Antony and Octavius in Act IV, scene i about? how to treat Lepidus
What can you infer about Antony from these lines, “Octavius. You may do your will: But he’s a tried and valiant soldier. Antony. So is my horse, Octavius, and for that I do appoint him store of provender? Antony is unsentimental
What do these lines reveal about Brutus’ concerns in Act IV, Thou has described, a hot friend cooling? Brutus may no longer be able to trust Cassius
Which of the following is a source of conflict between Cassius and Brutus? Brutus believes that Cassius has taken bribes
Which of the following best illustrates the change in Brutus and Cassius’ friendship? Brutus and Cassius argue and accuse each other
How are Brutus and Cassius characterized in Act IV, Scene iii? suspicious, petty, quarrelsome
How can Brutus’ reaction to Portia’s death best be explained? He is devoted to practicing the philosophy of Stoicism
How do the temperaments of Brutus and Cassius differ? Brutus is stocial, while Cassius is emotional
What does the conflict between Brutus and Cassius suggest about their ability to face the challenges that lie ahead of them? If they cannot form a united front, they may not be able to defeat Antony
Which of the following best summarizes Brutus’ argument in Act IV, Scene iii, in which he urges Cassius to be honest? We killed Caesar to end corruption; we do not have a right to be corrupt ourselves
Why does Brutus want to go meet Antony’s troops at Philippi? He is afraid that Antony will gather new recruits if they wait for him
What do these lines say about Cassius’ feelings towards Brutus, How scaped I killing when I crossed you so? admiration for his self-control
What is the best illustration of Brutus’ internal conflict? his reaction to Caesar’s ghost
What is the significance of the ghost’s promise to see Brutus at Philippi? It is a bad omen for Brutus
How does Act V of Julius Caesar begin? with both sides trading insults sand accusing each other
For what mistake does Cassius still blame Brutus in Act V? for not killing Antony when they killed Caesar
At the beginning of Act V, why does Cassius think he is going to die that day? because he has seen bad omens
What different attitudes do Brutus and Cassius have toward the coming battle? Cassius fears the worst, while Brutus refuses to look ahead
Why does Cassius ask of one of his men to kill him? He feels guilty because his best friend has been captured
Why is Cassius not considered a tragic hero? He is greedy and dishonest rather than noble
How do Antony and Octavius treat Brutus’ followers after capturing them? They keep all of the captives safe
What convinces Brutus that he should not have killed Caesar? Caesar’s ghost
What is Brutus’ tragic flaw? He trusts everyone
Why is Brutus considered a tragic hero? He was noble, but his own flaws caused his downfall
What does Caesar mean when he refers to his infirmity? his physical weakness
What does Casca mean when he says that the strange happenings in Rome are portentous? They are signs of bad events to come
What does Caesar mean when he describes Cassius as spare? Cassius is thin
When Cassius invites the conspirators to “swear our resolution”, what does he mean? “swear our determination”
When Brutus says that Caesar’s power may be augmented, what does he mean? It may increase
Which character in the play has a reputation among others for great integrity? Brutus
At the beginning of Act III, and old man is confounded by what is going on. Which word means the same as confounded? confused
When Antony predicts strife in Rome, to what is he referring? war
What kind of relationship is a superficial friendship? shallow
Why are military strategies usually covert? so the enemy will be surprised by them
Which of the following would a person expecting chastisement most likely feel? dread
Which of the following statements best describes a rash decision? It is a decision that has not been considered for a long time
When do people become disconsolate? when something tragic happens
What happens when an event is misconstrued? It is not interpreted correctly
Which sentence contains an ADJECTIVE clause? The shirt that I bought is green
Which sentence contains an NOUN clause? Whoever arrived first won a prize

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