Julius Caesar Act III Reading and Study Guide

Vouchsafe Be pleased to accept, graciously receive
Conspiracy A plotting against
Foe Enemy
Climax Culmination/apex (most exciting part) of a plot
What is the climax of the play? The death of Caesar
Allusion Reference to another literary work assuming that the reader is familiar with it
Example of allusion Atè: goddess of vengeance/strife
Imagery Use figurative language to represent objects
Verbal irony The difference between what is said and what is meant
Example of verbal irony Mark Antony’s funeral oration: Brutus said he is ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man
Scene 1: What reason does Caesar give for not reading Artemidorus’s letter? I will deal with anything that concerns me last (makes him seem selfless/humble)
What roles do Trebonius, Metellus Cimber, and Casca play in the conspiracy? Trebonius: draws Mark Antony awayMetellus Cimber: asks Caesar to bring back his banished brother Casca: give cue to stab Caesar (speak hands for me!)
What is Caesar’s opinion of himself? Constant as the Northern Star – unwavering, shows strength through constancy
What does “Et tu, Brute?” mean? How do these words relate to the theme of friendship in the play? “And you, brutus?” Theme: betrayal
Where does Caesar’s dead body lie? How is this ironic? Caesar’s dead body lies in Pompey’s theaterIronic: Caesar defeated Pompey, he died in Pompey’s theater (karma)
What does Brutus tell the conspirators to do after killing Caesar? Stay where they are, don’t be afraid, go to the pulpit/tell what happened
What promise does Brutus tell the servant to relay to Antony? Let Antony know he won’t kill him
What does Antony say about the possibility of being killed by the conspirators? If they plan to kill him, do so while he stands over Caesar’s body
After being assured he is in no danger, what favor does Antony ask of the conspirators? To speak at Caesar’s funerals
What does Cassius think about granting Antony this favor? Cassius thinks Antony shouldn’t speak because he might turn the plebes against the conspirators
What restrictions does Brutus set? Brutus speaks first, Antony can’t blame conspirators, has to say he received permission from Brutus/other men
Summarize Antony’s main points in his speech to Caesar’s body? He vows to avenge Caesar’s death
Who is coming to Rome to meet Antony? Octavian
Scene 2: According to Brutus’s speech to the commoners, what reasons does he give for Caesar’s death? 1. For the good of Rome 2. If Caesar is dead then all men will live free (men would have been skates under Caesar)3. Caesar’s ambition
What is the mood of the crowd as Brutus finishes his speech? They agree with Brutus and agree with what he did
What does Brutus offer at the end of his speech? Offers to kill himself with the same dagger he stabbed Caesar with if the people will it
List three points of Antony’s speech that work to persuade the crowd? Brought up Caesar’s will and how he left it to the people Refused the crown (Caesar was not ambitious)Brought wealth back from conquests
What reasons does Antony give for why he cannot read Caesar’s will? It isn’t suitable that you know how much Caesar loved name his heirs
What has Caesar bequeathed the Romans in his will? 75 drachmas each, arbors/orchards/public recreation
How does the crowd react to Antony’s speech? Agree with Antony and question everything Brutus said
Scene 3: What happens to Cinna the Poet? Why? He is killed because the mob thought he was Cinna the conspirator

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