Julius Caesar Act III

When, where, who, what, and how is Caesar assassinated? March 15th at the Senate during his crowning, Caesar is stabbed by the conspirators and finally killed by Brutus
What does Brutus suggest that the conspirators do with Caesar’s blood? they bathe their hands in his blood and walk around the marketplace proclaiming liberty, freedom, and peace
How does Antony initially react to the death of Caesar with the conspirators? he pledges his alliance
How does Cassius feel towards Antony? How does Brutus? Cassius believes he is dangerous while Brutus does not
How does Antony actually feel towards the conspirators? he is against their betrayal and promises Caesar revenge
How does Brutus’ last act of stabbing affect Caesar? the betrayal hurts more than the stabbing
What does Brutus say in his speech to the plebeians? he killed him for his love of Rome which was more than his love for any human being, he feared Romans would live as slaves under him
What does Antony say in his speech to the plebeians? he gives them examples of when he was there for him and how since they loved him once, they should at least mourn his death, uses reverse psychology after complimenting Brutus and the conspirators and gets the plebeians to rebel against them
What is in Caesar’s will that also helps the plebeians rise against Brutus and the conspirators? Caesar is giving money to every man in Rome and he is making his private parks and gardens public property (makes plebeians see his generosity)
How do the plebeians act towards the conspirators (or people who could be conspirators)? they kill Cinna the poet (thought he was Cinna the conspirator)
What does Cinna the poet’s death symbolize? the plebeians killed the wrong man (cinna the poet not the conspirator), just like the conspirators technically did (they killed Caesar’s physical body but not his legacy and loyalty from the people)

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