julius caesar (act II sc 3&4: ACT III

In Scene 3, what seems to be the one remaining hope that Caesar may yet be saved? Artemidorus’ letter is the one last hope Caesar may be saved
According to Artemidorus, what is it that allows others to plot assassination? Trust, overconfidence, and jealousy lead to plot assassinations
In the following quote from Artemidorus, what or who does “goodness” symbolize? What or who does “jealousy’s envious fangs” symbolize?My heart grieves that goodness cannot live out of reach of jealousy’s envious fangs. goodness= Caesar jealousy’s envious fangs= the conspirator’s plot
what is the evidence that Portia is starting to lose control? Portia is not in her right mind ; she’s stressed and scatterbrained
Brutus shows himself to be a poor judge of character. How? He also makes several mistakes. What are they? He is a poor judge of character because he trusts Mark Anthony, will not turn against him, but he does cause trouble later.
Who thwarts Artemidorus in his attempt to warn Caesar of the plot against him? Decius thwarts (prevents) Artemidorus’ plan to warn Caesar
What happens to make Cassious believe that the news of their conspiracy has been discovered? Popilus Lena wishes him well.
Does Cassius give himself half-heartedly to his conspiracy, or does he commit himself fully? cite evidence to support your claim He is fully commited, he will kill himself if it fails.
What does Metellus Cimber do as a ploy to engage Caesar’s attention? Metellus pleads for his brother’s freedom to distract Caesar
Is Caesar considered or truly humbled? cite evidence to support your claim Caesar is considered, he Compares himself to the North Star
How do the murderers explain the death of Caesar? They claim they murder Caesar to free roam from his tyranny.
What does Mark Anthony do when he first confronts the conspirators? He sent a servant to flatter the considers and assure them he’s on their side
How do we know that Marc Anthony’s show of friendship for the conspirators is just an act? Expresses great sorrow for the loss of his friend, Caesar
What huge mistake do you predict Brutus makes in this act? Explain your answer He trusts Mike Anthony and allow him to speak at Caesars funeral
According to Brutus, what was it that caused him to kill Caesar? Caesar was ambitious
Brutus implies that anyone who disagrees with the assassination 1 )would rather be a slave, 2) would rather not be a Roman, 3) does not love Rome
Brutus suggest that rulers should be willing to A ruler should be willing to die if it is good for the country
In his speech, Anthony list three times when Caesar was not ambitious. List them he freed captivesHe cried when the poor cryHe rejected the crown three times
Anthony implies that Caesars will Includes the common man
What does Antony really mean when he says Brutus and his friends are HONORABLE Men? He means that they are not honorable men
REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY means suggesting the opposite of what you want someone to do. Find the example of reverse psychology in Anthony’s speech. Describe how he used this method to skillfully manipulate the crowd He says he would not read Caesars will, and that makes them want to hear it
Antony does a good job of using pathos to stir the emotions of the crowd. He knows, however, that this alone is not enough to fully commit the crowd to his side. His final strategy is what does it. In this final strategy, Antony appeals to the crowds He appeals to their sense of greed
At the end of scene 2, we learn that Brutus and Cassius have They have flex Rome
The angry mob assaults Cinnamon bacause Because his name is Cinna

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