Julius caesar (act I sc2: a public place in rome)

Contrast Marc Antony and Brutus using at least three differences about the men. Brutus is a serious and thoughtful man. Antony is Caesar’s closet ally, while Brutus is a more distant friend.
Find and write two examples that Cassius uses to show that Caesar has a “weak character.” a. Cassius has no respect for Caesar because he once challenged him to a swim contest and had to be rescued b. Caesar was sick in Spain; he was weak and shaky. Cassius doesn’t think he’s tough or manly.
Choose two of the following words that best describe Cassius’ tone in his conversation with Brutus: Cunning- he is trying to sway Brutus to their sideArrogant- he won’t be an underlining to Caesar whom he views as womanly.
Despite their friendship, why doesn’t Brutus want Caesar to become king? Brutus fears Caesar will lead Rome into hard times/disaster
Who does Caesar characterizes as having a “lean and hungry” look? Given Caesar’s superstitious nature, how would you expect him to behave in this person’s presence? Caesar think Cassius has a “lean and hungry look” He doesn’t trust him.
Who explains the shouts of the distant crowds to Brutus and Cassius? If his account is plausible, what does it say about Caesar? Casca explains the shouts in the distance; his account tells us that Caesar is trying to be humble by refusing the crown, but he really wants to be king.

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