Julius Caesar Act Four

What did Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus gather to discuss? To discuss which conspirators to kill
To what does Antony compare Lepidus? He is compared to a horse to be trained and used
What problem has developed between Cassius and Brutus? How is it resolved? Cassius is offended that Brutus didn’t take him seriously about the letters and Brutus accused Cassius of accepting bribes
What news did Messala bring Brutus? That Antony and others have killed 100 senators and Portia is dead
For what reasons does Brutus want to lead his armies to Philippi? 1. Antony will not expect it2. They can gather more forces along the way
What message did Caesar’s ghost bring Brutus? He tells Brutus he would see him at Philippi

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