Julius Caesar act 5 study questions

why do Brutus and Cassius bid each other “for ever and for ever farewell” incase they die
what is the setting of act 5 scene 2 field of battle
what has Brutus discovered and what does he plan to do Octavius is ready to attack Brutus plans to attack first
where does act 5 scene 3 take place field of battle
what has happened to Brutus’ forces soldiers being surrounded
what does Pinsarus report happens to Titinius thought he was captured but he wasn’t
describe Cassius’ death. what does it make you think about his character asks a friend to kill himprobably a coward
how does Titinius react to the death of Cassius mourns and then he kills himself
where is act 5 scene 4 set field of battle
how does Antony respond to Lucilius’ capture and his words about Brutus doesn’t want to kill Lucilius
why do you think Antony acts this way toward Lucilius thinks Lucilius would be a good ally
how is Brutus feeling at the opening of this scene? why? been betrayed and mislead
who finally agrees to “help” Brutus Strato
how does Brutus die? do you believe it is an honorable death? why or why not runs into sward
explain the significance of Brutus’ last words: “Caesar, now be still. i killed not thee half so good a will” Caesar is now avenged
how does Octavius offer to make peace with Brutus’ men? do they accept? celebrate his life; yes
do Antony and Octavius pay respects or disrespect Brutus at the end of the play? support your answer with evidence from the play. respect; agree to give him a proper burial
dramatic form first defined by the Greek Philosophers Aristotle tragedy
the result of a cause is an effect
main character in a tragedy falls because of ________________ tragic flaw
themes betrayal: Brutus and Cassius betrayed Caesar powers of speechambitiongood vs. evil
what is one key characteristic in defining a tragedy character of high rank comes to ruin
name a tragic flaw of Brutus’ error and judgement
dies avenging Caesar Octavius
used the act of suicide to be cowardly says he will give Cassius a proper funeralruns into his own sward to commit suicide Brutus
reports of many omens asks Pindarus to kill him Cassius
Cassius said that it was a mistake not to kill him says Brutus is a liar and a traitor Antony
kills himself when he says Cassius dead Titinius
pretends to be Brutus to help him Lucillus

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