Julius Caesar Act 5 Study Guide

Who controls the army of the triumvirate? Antony
Is Antony’s retelling of the assassination accurate? Yes and no. It’s definitely exaggerated
Why does Cassius bring up the omens? Because he is worried about the outcome
What are Brutus’s feelings about suicide? He thinks only cowards kill themselves to prevent future suffering
One sentence that demonstrates Brutus’s feelings about what will happen that day Today must end that work the Ides of March begun
Summary of Scene Two Brutus sends Messala to tell Cassius he sees a weakness in Octavius army and is going to pursue it
Summary of Scene Three Cassius believes they’ve lost, so he has Pindarus kill him
What does Brutus whisper to Clitus and Dardanius He asks the guys to kill him
“Now is that noble vessel full of grief that it run over even at his eyes” Brutus is so sad that it’s coming out his eyes
Why does Brutus believe he will have more glory losing than Octavius and Antony will have winning? The people in his life are loyal to him
How does Brutus end his life? falls on his sword
What do Brutus’s last words mean? Caesar can now rest, and Brutus wants to kill himself more than he wanted to kill Caesar
Why is Brutus the noblest Roman of them all? because he acted on what he thought was good for Rome.

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