Julius Caesar act 5 questions and vocab

Where does the scene take place ? The battleground at Philippi
How does Octavius contradict Antony They disagree on which direction to go
What happens when the men meet before their battle They argue
Whose birthday is it Cassius ( it’s irony cause he died too )
What omens does Cassius finally believes Two eagles are eating two bodies
What are Cassius and brutus worried about They won’t see each other again
What message does Brutus send to cassius Octavius is weakening
What move does Brutus make that virtually destroys cassius’s side ? He sent them too early
What does Cassius ask Pindarus to do ? Why To go on higher ground to look at the enemy and check on titinius status
How does Caesar finally get revenge against Cassius Pindarus stabs him
What do we find out about Pindarus report to Cassius before Cassius takes his life . We find out that titinius is Cassius troops and he betrayed him
What does titinius do after he see Cassius body He stabs himself
How does Caesar again get his revenge Everyone stabs themself
Explain why the soldiers think they captured Brutus Because Lucius pretended to be him
What does Brutus ask Cletus to do ? To poor the remains of friends on a rock
What does Brutus then request if voluminous To kill clitus , and he said no
Who finally gives in to Brutus ‘s request Strato gives the request
How does Antony feel about Brutus He doesn’t like him , he’s killing people
What does octatius say that they will do for Brutus Kill himself ?

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