Julius Caesar Act 5 important Quotes

“In your bad strokes, Brutus, you give good words.Witness the hole you made in Caesar’s heart,Crying ‘Long live, hail, Caesar!'” Mark Antony to Brutus
“The posture of your blows are yet unknown.But for your words, they rob the Hybla beesAnd leave them honeybees” Cassius to Mark Antony
“The enemy comes on in gallant show.Their bloody sign of battle is hung out,And something to be done immediately” Messenger to Antony and Octavius
“Good words are better than bad strokes” Brutus
“This tongue had not offended so todayIf Cassius might have ruled” Cassius to Brutus
“For you have stol’n their buzzing, Antony,And very wisely threat before you sting” Brutus to Antony
“Villains, you did not so when your vile daggersHacked one another in the sides of Caesar.You showed your teeth like apes, and fawned like hounds,And bowed like bondmen, kissing Caesar’s feet” Antony to Brutus and Cassius
“When think you that the sword goes up again?Never, till Caesar’s three and thirty woundsBe well avenged, or till another CaesarHave added slaughter to the sword of traitors” Octavius to Brutus and Cassius
“Why, now, blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark!The storm is up and all is on the hazard” Cassius
“Be thou my witness that against my will,As Pompey was, am I compelled to setUpon one battle all our liberties” Cassius to Messala
“Their shadows seemA canopy most fatal, under whichOur army lies, ready to give up the ghost” Cassius to Messala
“I know not how,But I do find it cowardly and vile,For fear of what might fall, so to preventThe time of life” Brutus to Cassius
“If we do meet again, why, we shall smile.If not, why then this parting was well made” Brutus to Cassius
“But it sufficeth that the day will end,And then the end is known” Brutus to Cassius
“Let them set on at once, for I perceive But cold demeanor in Octavius’ wing, And sudden push gives them the overthrow” Brutus to Messala
“This day I breathed first. Time is come round,And where I did begin, there shall I end.My life is run his compass.” Cassius to himself
“Oh, coward that I am, to live so longTo see my best friend ta’en before my face!” Cassius to Pindarus/himself
“Now be a free man, and with this good swordThat ran through Caesar’s bowels, search this bosom.” Cassius to Pindarus
“Caesar, thou art revenged,Even with the sword that killed thee.” Cassius
“So I am free. Yet would not so have been,Durst I have done my will. “ Pindarus
“As in thy red rays thou dost sink tonight,So in his red blood Cassius’ day is set.The sun of Rome is set. Our day is gone.Clouds, dews, and dangers come! Our deeds are done.Mistrust of my success hath done this deed.” Titinius to Messala/himself
“Mistrust of good success hath done this deed.O hateful error, melancholy’s child,Why dost thou show to the apt thoughts of menThe things that are not? O error, soon conceived,Thou never comest unto a happy birthBut kill’st the mother that engendered thee!” Messala to Titinius
“For piercing steel and darts envenomèdShall be as welcome to the ears of BrutusAs tidings of this sight.” Messala to Titinius
“O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet!Thy spirit walks abroad and turns our swordsIn our own proper entrails.” Brutus to Caesar’s ghost
“What bastard doth not? Who will go with me?I will proclaim my name about the field.I am the son of Marcus Cato, ho!A foe to tyrants, and my country’s friend.I am the son of Marcus Cato, ho!” Young Cato
“I dare assure thee that no enemyShall ever take alive the noble Brutus.The gods defend him from so great a shame!When you do find him, or alive or dead,He will be found like Brutus, like himself.” Lucilius to Antony
“A prize no less in worth. Keep this man safe.Give him all kindness. I had rather haveSuch men my friends than enemies” (about who) Antony about Lucilius
“Slaying is the word.It is a deed in fashion” Brutus to Clitus
“The ghost of Caesar hath appeared to meTwo several times by night. At Sardis once,And this last night here in Philippi fields.I know my hour is come.” Brutus to Voluminous
“I shall have glory by this losing dayMore than Octavius and Mark AntonyBy this vile conquest shall attain unto.” Brutus to Clitus, Dardanius, Voluminous, and Strato
“Thou art a fellow of a good respect.Thy life hath had some smatch of honor in it.Hold then my sword and turn away thy faceWhile I do run upon it” Brutus to Strato
“Caesar, now be still.I killed not thee with half so good a will.” Brutus to Caesar
“The conquerors can but make a fire of him.or Brutus only overcame himself,And no man else hath honor by his death” Strato to Messala
“So Brutus should be found.—I thank thee, Brutus,That thou hast proved Lucillius’ saying true.” Lucilius
“then take him to follow thee,That did the latest service to my master.” Messala to Octavius
“This was the noblest Roman of them all.All the conspirators save only heDid that they did in envy of great Caesar.He only in a general honest thoughtAnd common good to all, made one of them.His life was gentle, and the elementsSo mixed in him that Nature might stand upAnd say to all the world, “This was a man.”” (about who) Antony about Brutus
“According to his virtue let us use him,With all respect and rites of burial.Within my tent his bones tonight shall lieMost like a soldier, ordered honorably.” (about who) Octavius about Brutus

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