julius caesar – act 5

where does action in scene 1 take place? whats significant about this? the plains of philippi – where caesar’s ghost told brutus they’d meet again
what lines imply that there will be results by the end of the day? “but this same day must end that work the ides of march begun”
what are cassius’ thoughts of the future? disturbed by the omens, fear of losing the battle
what does brutus imply he will do if he sees that he is losing? kill himself, rather than be taken back to rome by antony
what prompted brutus to send messala with a message to the troops? he thought he saw octavius’ troops moving in
what does pindarus report to cassius? mistakenly reports that titinius was taken by enemy troops
how does cassius die? tells pindarus to kill him wth the sword that he killed caesar with
who actually surrounded titinius? brutus’ troops
what is the meaning of brutus’ ines “o julius caesar, thou art mighty yet!” although he died, the battle was fought and lost bc of him
what action in scene 4 shows you that brutus’ men respect and protect him? lucilius says he is brutus, and is willing to die in his place
how does the action in scene 5 add to the idea shown in scene 4? dardinious, clitus, strato, and volumnious stay w brutus even though it’d be best for them to flee
of what glory does brutus speak in line 36? his men were all true to them
meaning of brutus’ final speech, lines 50-51? he’s more willing to die than he was to kill caesar
menaing of antony’s final speech, lines 68-75? praises brutus, says hes the only conspirator who honestly caesar’s death was the best thing for rome
mood of the final scene optimism for rome’s future

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