Julius Caesar act 5

what does cassius confide to messala before the battle? Cassius says that it’s his birthday and that he saw an omen of defeat (three birds of death)
what event leads to Cassius’s death? Cassius sends Titinius to see if the approaching troops and friends or enemies. Pindarus is watching and reporting
what does brutus say about caesar’s spirit at philippi? his spirit is still mighty and great
what happens to brutus at the end of the play? what do antony and octavius say about brutus? brutus kills himself. they say that he was the noblest roman of them all and deserved a military funeral
what actions does octavius make at the end of the play? he ends the battle and divides the spoils with antony
why do you think cassius doesn’t tell brutus of his fears? cassius doesn’t want to dishearten him. he wants to keep his spirits up
what might have influenced cassius to accept pindarus’s report? the omens made him feel like something bad was going to happen and he thought this was it
in what way does brutus believe that caesar is affecting events on the battlefield? there is a lot of suicide
what message do octavius’s actions suggest about honor and leadership? a leader should have honor and good leaders are sometimes defeated
of what flaw does antony accuse brutus? what flaw does cassius accuse antony? hypocrisy
in scene 1, act 5, brutus suggests that all traitors are on whose side? antony and octavius
cassius uses the metaphor of what to compare the battle? a storm
describe cassius as he prepares to go into battle he is ready
who is marcus cato? brutus’s father-in-law; portia’s father
how does marcus cato die? suicide
explain brutus’s feelings about suicide? he thinks it is cowardly and vile, but would rather commit suicide than be defeated
antony says brutus is the “noblest roman of them all” and that he is balanced with perfect elements. what are those elements? earth, water, air, fire
who killed brutus himself
what does octavius say brutus deserves? an honorable military funeral

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