Julius Caesar Act 5

What hope of Octavius and Antony is answered? What does this say about Brutus? Brutus’s troops are coming down to talk with them. This shows Brutus may be trying to avoid war.
What does Cassius mean by the following statement? “Flatterers! Now, Brutus, thank yourself;/This tongue had not offended so today,/If Cassius might have ruled.” (45-47) Cassius means that if he had been in charge, Antony would not be here to insult them.
What ominous sign has Cassius seen that causes him to fear the coming battle? The eagles that had been letting the soldiers feed them have been replaced by ravens, crows and birds of prey circling them.
What does Brutus say he will do if they lose the battle? Why is he reluctant to do this? If they lose the battle, Brutus will be bound and paraded through the streets. He is reluctant to this because he feels he is too smart and honorable for this fate.
What horrible mistake does Cassius make? What is the outcome of this mistake? Cassius believes that Titinius has been captured and will be killed. As a result of this, he kills himself.
What is Titinius’s reaction to Cassius’s actions? He kills himself with the same sword that Cassius used to kill himself.
What is Brutus’s response to Cassius’s and Titinius’s actions? He says he will mourn for Cassius at another time and they will not bury the bodies on their camp in case it lessens their eagerness to fight.
What role does Lucillius take upon himself? What was Antony’s response to his masquerade? Lucillius pretends to be Brutus. Antony spares Lucilius and plans to treat him well because he is better to have as a friend than an enemy.
What request does Brutus make of Clitus? What is his response? Brutus asks Clitus to kill him. Clitus refuses, saying he would rather kill himself.
What does Brutus ask Volumnius to do? What reasons does he give? What is Volumnius’s response? Brutus asks Volumnius to kill him as well. He says he has seen Caesar twice, and that Volumnius is his good friend from school as reasons why Volumnius should kill ihm. Volumnius refuses, saying that is not a task a friend should do.
What does Strato do for Brutus? What does Strato ask Brutus to do first? Why? Strato holds the sword while Brutus runs on it. He asks Brutus to hold his hand first though as a final comforting goodbye.
What overture of peace does Octavius make to Brutus’s men? Octavius says he will take Brutus’s men into his service.
How do Antony and Octavius honor Brutus? They say that Brutus was the “most honorable Roman of them all” and that he was the only conspirator who killed Caesar for the right reasons. They also will give him an honorable burial.

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