Julius Caesar Act 4 Quiz

When Act 4 begins, what are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus doing? They are creating a list of which men will live and which men will die.
Why does Antony want to re-examine Caesar’s will? He wants to see if there are any loopholes so he doesn’t have to give as much money to the people of Rome.
How does Antony feel about Lepidus? He thinks Lepidus is useless except to run errands.
In Act 4, Scenes 2-3, Brutus and Cassius are fighting. Why? Brutus is upset that Cassius is accepting bribes, and Cassius is upset that Brutus yelled at one of his men.
What challenge does Brutus give to Cassius in Act 4, Scene 3? Brutus challenges Cassius to prove he’s a better soldier than Brutus.
Name two characters who we learn have died in Act 4. Portia and Cicero.
HOW and WHY does Portia die? She swallows hot coals because she can no longer stand Brutus’s absence from Rome.
How does Cicero die? Antony has him killed.
Who wants to march to Philippi? Why? Brutus wants to go so that the city Antony marches through doesn’t align with them.
Why doesn’t Cassius want to go to Philippi? He thinks it would be better for Antony’s army to meet them- the army would use their resources and be more tired, giving Cassius the advantage.
Who visits Brutus in the middle of the night? What does he say? The ghost of Caesar. He says “I shall see you at Philippi.”
What is a tragedy? A serious work of literature that narrates the events leading to the downfall of the tragic hero.
What is a tragic hero? The character who in almost every way displays noble qualities but eventually have a downfall due to a tragic flaw.
What is a tragic flaw? A fatal character weakness.
What is Brutus’s tragic flaw? Be able to explain it with examples from the story. answers may vary…
How has Brutus changed since Caesar’s murder? answers may vary…
How has Antony changed since Caesar’s murder and since the conspirators fled Rome? answers may vary…

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