Julius Caesar Act 4 questions

What do you think the triumvirate reveals about it’s members and decides to kill those who might be opponents They want nobody alive who could threaten their power. Ruthless and blood thirsty.
why do you think Brutus doesn’t respond with fear when Cassius threatens him? he knows that Cassius won’t kill him
Do you think Cassius’s threat to kill himself in response to Brutus’s criticism is to be taken seriously? What does this response suggest about Cassius’s character?` Cassius was being dramatic. It suggests that he is testy and evil.
Why do you think Portia’s decent into madness and her death happened off stage? Not as important as Caesar’s death.
Why do you think Caesar’s ghost appeared to Brutus on the eve of his army’s advance to Phillipi? Supernatural, forshadowing. Brutus was a little guilty about Caesar’s death. Shows that Caesar is still powerful after his death.
Who are the avengers of the murder of Caesar? The second triumvirate, Octavius, Anthony, and Lepidus.
Where do the second triumvirate meet? In Anthony’s house.
What are the second triumvirate doing in Anthony’s house? Pricking people who they are deciding to kill.
What does Anthony intend to do with Lepidus? Kill him, or get rid of him after using him as their errand boy.
Where does scene 2 take place? Brutus’s tent, Sardies.
What are the relations of Brutus and Cassius? The are angry at each other.

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