Julius Caesar – Act 4

What are Anthony, Octavius, and Lepidus doing at the beginning of the Scene? Making out proscription lists of their enemies that they want to kill in order to solidify their positions of power.
Why do they want Caesars will? What is ironic about this? To reduce the money that Caesar left to the people. Because Antony used that money as a reason the people should turn against the conspirators, and now he wants to take that money away from them.
What is Anthony’s Plan for Lepidus? What is his reason? He wants to keep Lepidus around in case anyone gets angry about the proscription lists. If they do, Antony and Octavius will blame it all on Lepidus and let him be the scapegoat for it.
What does Brutus tell Lucilius about dying love? It makes friends into acquaintances. It is felt between himself and Cassius.
What practical instruction does Brutus give Cassius about their disagreement? What is unusual about this? Let’s not argue in front of our soldiers- it might start a battle between them. Brutus usually does things out in the open, but not this time.
What wrong Does Cassius say Brutus has done him? He accuses Brutus of nitpicking and criticizing Cassius in public for accepting bribes.
In response, what does Brutus condemn Cassius for doing? Accepting bribes and denying money when Brutus asked for it
What does Cassius threaten to do if Brutus continues to “urge” him? Forget himself and do something rash.
According to Brutus, how has Cassius wronged him? What is ironic about Brutus’s Accusation? Brutus wants the money that he criticized Cassius for accepting in bribes. Brutus is having to “stoop” and ignore his morals to survive.
To prove that he has been wronged, what does Cassius tell Brutus to do to him? Kill him. Carve out his heart.
What is the real reason for Brutus’s ill temper? Portia killed herself by swallowing hot coals.
Messala brings what ill news of the triumvirate’s actions in Rome? Ant/Oct/Lep killed many senators (incl. Cicero)
What reason does Cassius give for staying in Sardis? Make the enemy tired from traveling.
What reason does Brutus give for going directly to Philippi? Who prevails? Attack them before their armies get larger.
What happens to make Brutus speed up his plan to go to Philippi? He sees the ghost of Julius Caesar.

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