Julius Caesar Act 4

What are Antony, Octavious, and Ledipus doing at the beginning of the scene? Deciding who will die
What do Antony and Octavious think about Ledipus? Octavious thinks he is brave; Antony thinks he is like a horse
According to Antony, what are Brutus and Cassius doing? Building an army
What does Lucillius tell Brutus about Caesar’s attitude? Cassius is not happy with Brutus
What does Cassius say to Brutus when he arrives at Brutus’s tent? Brutus has done him wrong
How does Brutus react to Cassius’s charge against him? Brutus loves Cassius and would never harm him
Why does Cassius believe Brutus has wronged him? Brutus got mad at a soldier for taking bribes
What does Brutus accuse Cassius of doing? taking bribes
Why else is Brutus upset with Cassius? Cassius wouldn’t send Brutus any money
How does Cassius explain this event (not sending money)? It is a misunderstanding
Why does Cassius draw his dagger? If Brutus doesn’t love him, he wants to die
How does the argument end? They make up
What does Brutus tell Cassius about Portia? Portia is dead
What news does Messala bring to Antony about Octavious? They are preparing to fight a Philippi
What are Brutus’s and Cassius’s opinions (they are different) about marching to Philippi? Brutus wants to go. Cassius wants to wait.
What do Brutus and Cassius decide to do? They decide to fo to Philippi
Who visits Brutus in the night? Caesar’s ghost

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