Julius Caesar Act 4

What are Antony’s plans for Lepidus? To use him for his political advantage and then cut him off
What are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus doing at the beginning of scene i? Compiling a list of their political enemies
Brutus reminds Cassius that Caesar was killed for Justice
True or False: Brutus confides to Lucilius that he has regrets about his part in Caesar’s murder True
Why is Cassius angry with Brutus? He has not come to his friend Pella’s defense, as Cassius requested
Where are Brutus and Cassius at the beginning of Act IV? Greece
What begins the argument between Brutus and Cassius? Brutus called out Lucius Pella for taking bribes for the Sardians and Cassius was going to let the bribery slide
Cassius did not bring Brutus Gold
Why does of Cassius offer Brutus his dagger and naked chest? Because Brutus killed Caesar out of love and that is more than what Cassius is getting from Brutus right now
Cassius’s temper comes from whom? His mother
Why did Portia kill herself? She was grieved by Brutus’ fleeting from roam and Antony and Octavius’ growing strength
How did Portia kill herself? By swallowing hot coals
How does Cassius react to Portia’s death? His is saddened and concerned for Brutus
How does Brutus react to Portia’s death? He seems unmoved by it and drinks wine while avoiding the subject
How many senators including Cicero die? Seventy
Why do Brutus and Cassius’ army go to Phillipi? To meet Antony and Octavius’ army
What message does the ghost of Caesar tell Brutus? That he will see them in Phillipi
Brutus admits what to Lucillius? He wishes he had never killed Caesar
Who will be killed by Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus? Lepidus’ brother and Antony’s brother
Why is Lepidus sent to get Caesar’s will? To see if they can divert some of the money their way
What does Antony think about Lepidus? He thinks that he is weak and that it is a shame to be sharing power with him. He only recruited him because he is more experienced than Octavius
What does Octavius think about Lepidus? He thinks that he is a good soldier

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