Julius Caesar Act 3 Study Guide

What is the date that Act 3 takes place on? March 15th
Why is this significant? The day Caesar dies, & the day the Soothsayer warned him about.
How does Caesar react when the Soothsayer tells him to read his petition first? He doesn’t want to, he will only read it if it concerns Rome.
When speaking to Casca, what does Cassius threaten to do? Kill himself if the plot doesn’t work.
What is the conspirator’s strategy for separating Caesar from his friends? Trebonius takes Mark Antony away, Metellus Cimber has a petition to let his brother back into Rome.
Who presents his petition first? Metellus Cimber
What does he want? For his brother to return to Rome, to be unbanished.
How does Caesar react to this? He doesn’t care he’s Caesar & they are acting like dogs.
What simile does Caesar use to compare himself to something? I am constant and unchanging as the North Star.
Who is the first conspirator to stab Caesar? Casca
Who is the last conspirator to stab Caesar? Brutus
Why is this ironic? Brutus is Caesars best friend, stabbed Caesar for good of Rome, but did not help Rome at all.
What are Caesar’s last words? Et tu Brute, Then fall Caesar
What does Antony do? Runs back to his house
What important act do the conspirators commit that marks them as the ones who killed Caesar? They rub Caesars blood on them
What do the conspirators promise Antony that gets him to return to the senate? He will be safe & they will explain why they killed Caesar.
When Antony returns what does he do so that he will remember each conspirator? Say their name & shakes their hands.
What does he ask of the conspirators? 1. Have his body for a public funeral2. Give a speech at the funeral
When Brutus speaks, what word does he use to describe Caesar? Ambitious
How does the crowd react to this speech that shows that they are fickle? They like Caesar, but after listening to Brutus they think Caesar deserved it.
What word does Mark Antony describe the conspirators as? Honorable Men
What does he mean by this? Being sarcastic, says they are no good at all.
What document does he refer to that incites the crowd against the conspirators? Caesars will
What was the “unkindest cut of all” Cut that Brutus left
How does the crowd react to Mark Antony’s speech? They are wild, want to burn and kill conspirators house.
What happens to Cinna the poet? They kill him
Why does this happen? His name is Cinna, the conspirator, they don’t care who they kill
What does the crowd plan to do? 1. Burn their houses down2. To kill all the conspirators

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