julius caesar act 3 scene 1

In regard to Artemidorus’s request, how does Caesar’s nobility doom him? Caesar says what is important to him shall be dealt with last.
What is Metullus Cimber’s petition to Caesar? What is Caesar’s response and why does he give this response? Cimber’s petition is to return/repeal his banished brother. Caesar refuses to repeal the banished brother. He says his heart is not weak. He is not a fool that gets carried away by sweet words and low bows.
What does Brutus instruct the conspirators to do before they go before the public? Why does he instruct them to do this? Brutus says to the conspirators to Stoop, and bathe their hands in Caesar’s blood. He instructs them to do this so they could say they “Peace, freedom, and liberty!”
What request does Antony’s servant bring to Brutus? What is Brutus’s response? Antony’s servant says that Antony wants to come and know the reason for the assassination. In other words why Caesar deserved to die. Brutus replied the servant saying that his master Antony will receive a satisfactory explanation and will leave untouched by the conspirators.
Why does Cassius object letting Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral? Cassius says that if Antony was given permission to speak he would move the people with the things he would say.
What reassurance does Brutus give him? He would go to the pulpit first and give the reasons for Caesar’s murder before Antony does. Antony is given permission to speak by their authority. Caesar will have a proper funeral.
What does Antony prophesy when left alone with the body? 1. There will be civil war in Italy.2. Violence will be common all throughout Italy.3. Caesar’s ghost will return to seek revenge.
Who is Octavius? He is Caesar’s nephew and heir.
What are the rules that Antony has to follow in giving his speech for Caesar’s funeral? 1. He cannot blame the conspirators.2. He must say that he had to get permission to speak.3. He can speak only after Brutus has finished.
Why does Caesar compare himself to the Northern Star? The Northern Star doesn’t change its position in the sky and Caesar does not change his mind once he has made a decision.
Why does Caesar say “Et tu Brute”? Brutus was Caesar’s friend but he betrayed him by joining in the assassination.
“Beads of sorrow” – What does this phrase refer to and what language feature is used here? Who said those words and in regards to what? The phrase refers to tears and the language feature is metaphor. Tears are compared to the beads. Antony said these words in regards to Octavius’ servant crying over the body of Caesar.
Why does Antony want the servant to wait at the end of the scene? He wants the servant to give him a hand to carry the body to the marketplace where he will deliver his speech to the Roman citizens. He will find out in his speech how the they react to the cruel murder of the conspirators. Then the servant can leave to inform his master Octavius about the whole event.
Why has Octavius come to Rome? Caesar had written a letter to him to come to Rome.
According to the servant’s information to Antony where is Octavius? He is camping 21 miles away from Rome.

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