Julius Caesar Act 3 Quiz

Who does Caesar see in the crowd when he arrives at the Senate? The soothsayer
What does Caesar say when he sees the soothsayer? The Ides of March are come
What does the soothsayer in replay to Caesar? The Ides of March have come *but have not gone*
Who pleads Caesar to read his letter? Artemidorous
Who kneels before Caesar to beg for the repeal of his brothers banishment? Metellus
What does Cassius approach Caesar with when he arrives? A request to overturn a previous ruling and let a banished countrymen come home
Who does Caesar see with the group of conspirators? His trusted friend, Brutus
What does Caesar say right before he dies? Et tu Brute?
Who rejoices saying “liberty, freedom, tyranny is dead”? Cinna
Who reports to Brutus and Cassius that Antony has fled to his house? Trebonius
People run through the streets as it were what day? Doomsday
What does Brutus tell the assassins to do? Bathe their hands in the blood and walk outside proclaiming freedom
What does the message from Antony say? If he is allowed to come see the body and gets a worthy explanation of the reason behind it, he will give his loyalty to Brutus
While Brutus is confident in Antony, who is not? Cassius
What does Brutus tell Antony when he arrives? He says he loves Caesar and will tell the reason he killed him once the people of Rome are satisfied
Why does Brutus want to speak before Antony at the burial? To show the reason of Caesars death first
When Brutus leaves, what does Antony vow to do? Seek revenge on Brutus by starting war
Who weeps over the body? Octavius
What does Brutus try to convince the plebeians with? The murder was necessary, for freedom, and for the good of Rome
Does Antony manage to change the minds of the people? Yes
What does Antony use to manipulate the people with? The will of Caesar
What does the servant tell Antony? Brutus and Cassius have fled the city and Octavius is waiting at Caesars house
Who do the angry mob come upon? Cinna
Who is Cinna? An innocent poet
What does the mob do to him? Kill him

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