Julius Caesar – Act 3

In regard to Artemidorus’s request, how does Caesars’ nobility doom him? He decides to put his personal business last (Artemidorus’ letter) and Rome’s business (Decius’ request) first. This decision kills him.
What is Metellus Cimber’s petition to Caesars? What is Caesars’ response and why does he give this response? Please let Publius (my brother) come back to Rome. “No, I never change my mind because I’m always right.”
What does Brutus instruct the conspirators to do before they go before the public? Why does he instruct them to do this? Bathe their hands and swords in Caesar’s blood. To show that they are not ashamed of killing Caesar.
What request does Anthony’s servant bring to Brutus? What is Brutus’s response? Antony would like to speak with you if you promise his safety. “Sure, let him come. He’ll be safe on my word of honor.”
Why does Cassius object to letting Anthony speak at Caesars funeral? What reassurance does Brutus give him? Antony might persuade the crowd against the conspirators. Brutus tells Cassius that Brutus will speak first and that Antony will have to swear not to say anything bad about the conspirators.
What promise does Anthony give Brutus about his funeral speech? He won’t say anything bad about the conspirators. He’ll tell the Romans that he speaks with the conspirators’ permission. He’ll speak after Brutus.
After being left alone with Caesar’s body, what does Anthony promise to do? Speak in such a way that Rome goes crazy, mothers are glad that their children are slaughtered, and “let loose the dogs of war” on Rome.
What reason does Brutus give for murdering Caesar? What is the crowd’s reaction? Because Caesar was too ambitious and would have turned the Romans into slaves. They love Brutus. They want Brutus to become king.
What final mistake does Brutus make in letting Anthony speak? He leaves before Antony speaks, so Antony has no one to hold him accountable and can say whatever he wishes to say.
Why does Anthony read Caesar’s will to the people? To make them angry and love Caesar/hate the conspirators (if it really was the will of Julius Caesar)
At the end of the scene, what are the fates of Brutus and Cassius? They run from the city because the angry mob wants to kill them for killing so great a man as Julius Caesar.
What is the significance of this scene It shows that angry mobs will kill anyone indiscriminately. Cinna the poet did not deserve to die, but the mob refused to listen to any kind of reason or explanations.

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