Julius Caesar: Act 3

Who is the first conspirator to strike Caesar? Casca
Why does Antony shake hands with the conspirators? He wants them to believe he is their friend.
Why does Antony send word to Octavius? Rome is not safe for Octavius
What two requests does Antony make of Brutus? He asks to be allowed to accompany Caesar’s body to the marketplace and to speak in the pulpit.
What prediction does Antony make about the consequences of Caesar’s death? civil war
What does Brutus give the citizens as his reason for killing Caesar? Caesar was too ambigitious
According to Antony, what are the terms of Caesar’s will? He has left every Roman citizen money and the use of his private grounds for recreation.
What news does Antony receive of Brutus and Cassius? they have left rome
What does the mob do in revenge for Caesar’s death? They burn down the conspirators’ houses and kill an innocent man, Cinna the poet.
Describe the mood of the conspirators immediately after the assassination They seem highly excited and impulsive. They fear retribution.
What reason does Caesar give for not reading Artemidorus’s letter? He says that since is pertains to himself he cannot read it because he only cares about Rome.
What Roles do the following characters play in the conspiracy? Trebonius: He is to distract Antony.Metellus Cimber: He is to beg for the life of his banished brother. Casca: He is the first to stab.
What is Caesar’s opinion of himself? He believes himself to fair and just, “constant as the Northern Star.”
What does “Et tu, Brute?” mean? How do these words relate to the theme of friendship in the play? It means, “You too, Brutus?” This shows that Caesar valued his friendship with Brutus so much that if Brutus felt he should die, then he would do so.
What does Brutus tell the conspirators to do after killing Caesar? he tells them to wash in Caesar’s blood
Where does Caesar’s dead body lie? How is this ironic? It lies at the bottom of the statue of Pompey. This is ironic because Caesar was thought to have defeated Pompey and is now dead at his feet.
What promise does Brutus tell the servant to relay to Antony? He tells the servant to let Antony know they do not plan on murdering him.
What does Antony say about the possibility of being killed by the conspirators? He says if they plan to kill him, they should do so while he stands over Caesar’s body.
After being assured he is in no danger, what favor does Antony ask of the conspirators? speak at Caesar’s’ funeral
What does Cassius think about granting Antony this favor? Cassius does not want to grant this favor, out of fear of what Antony might say.

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