Julius Caesar act 3

What is ironic about the timing of Caesar’s murder? Caesar is destroyed after proclaiming his magnificance and indestructibility
In the moments following Caesar’s deaht, what do the conspirators proclaim to justify their deed? “Liberty, freedom, tyrant is dead” “sic semper tyrannis”
Antony’s servant brings a message to Brutus. What does he say? Antony praises Brutus for being honest and noble and requests to be able to safely come see Brutus to hear why Caesar was murdered
Antony wants to speak at Caesar’s funeral. What reaction does Brutus have? Cassius? Brutus would let him speak. Cassius thinks it’s too dangerous to let Antony speak to the people
Under what conditions will Antony speak at the funeral? He will be allowed to speak if he doesn’t blame the conspirators, admits he speaks by their permission, and speaks last (after Brutus)
What does Brutus say to the people at the funeral? He said he loved Caesar but he loved Rome more
What does Antony say to the people at the funeral in his now famous “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” speech? Antony called the conspirators “honorable men” and doesn’t obviously attempt to degrade the crowd’s new-found heros
Why does Brutus and Cassius flee Rome? their lives were in danger after Antony’s remarks at the funeral
What is the point of act 3, scene 3, as the crowd turns on cinna? It graphically shows the violent mood of the crowd

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