Julius Caesar Act 3

How do the conspirators distract Caesar from reading Artemidorus’s letter? By having Metellus Cimber kneel before Caesar asking him to allow his brother to return to Rome.
What does Cassius say he will do if the conspirators are discovered before they can act? Cassius says he will kill himself
What does Caesar mean when he says, “But I am as constant as the North Star”? He will not change his mind
What does he mean when he says, “Wilt thou lift up Olympus”? That they will challenge the gods since he is more important.
Who stabs Caesar first? To whom does Caesar speak before this character stabs Caesar? Casca. Metellus Cimber
What are Caesar’s last words? “Et tu, Brute! Then fall, Caesar”
What is the general reaction of the public to what has just happened? They think it is a good thing but then realize it is a bad thing
How does Brutus’s comment recall Calpurnia’s dream? They wash their hands in Caesar’s blood.
What information does the servant bring to Brutus about Antony? That he wants to come but is afraid that they will kill him
What does Antony beg Brutus to consider? -To tell him why they killed Caesar-Allow him to bring Caesar’s body to the marketplace-To speak at his funeral
Why is Antony concerned that the conspirators may consider him “as coward or flatterer”? He doesn’t want them to think he is just siding with them for his safety and since he made his speech to Caesar.
What is his worry about the way Caesar would view him befriending the people who killed him? He doesn’t want to appear to be a part of it and he betrayed him
What is Antony’s one request to the conspirators? Why does Cassius wish to oppose this wish? To know why they killed Caesar. He doesnt want him to know because he worries if he tells Antony, the people will side with Antony.
What true feelings about the situation does Antony reveal after all the others have gone? Octavius is coming, he is on his side, and he loves Caesar.
What does Brutus say about ambition? “Ambition’s debt is paid”
What new does the servant bring to Antony? What news does he receive when he gets there? Octavius is on his way. Caesar is dead.
What information does Antony instruct the servant to deliver to Octavius? Why is this important information? He should not come yet and to keep it a secret. The people cannot know.
Paraphrase and explain: “Censure me in your wisdom, and awake your senses, that you may be the better judge”. “Pay attention so you can choose the side you are on and if you believe me” and this means Brutus wants the people to listen so they can hear his reasons and they can choose if they believe him or not.
Paraphrase and explain: “Not that I loved, Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” “I love Rome more than I loved Caesar, but I do love Caesar” and this means that Brutus loves Caesar but he had to do what was best for Rome which was killing Caesar.
Paraphrase and explain: “With this I depart, that, as I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the same dagger for myself, when it shall please my country to need my death”. “One last thing, I killed my best friend since it was best for Rome and if it is best for Rome for me to die, I have the dagger” and this means that he killed his best friend for Rome and he will also die if it is necessary for Rome.
Paraphrase and explain: “The evil that men do lives after them/The good is oft interred with their bones;/ So let it be with Caesar”. “The bad that people do is remembered after their deaths while the good is forgotten like they are. Let’s do the same with Caesar” and this means that we remember the bad of people after their death but the good is forgotten so we should do this with Caesar.
Paraphrase and explain: “You all did love him once, nor without cause;/ What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?”. “You loved Caesar so why are you not mourning for him?” and this means that the people all loved Caesar at a time and why are they not mourning for his death.
What is the effect of Antony’s repetition of “Brutus is an honorable man”? To show that Brutus says this so it must be true since he is honorable even though it may not be true.
Why does Antony tell the story about Caesar refusing the crown at Lupercal? To show the people he was not ambitious like Brutus said he was.
What other story does he tell about Caesar? What is the purpose of this story? The time when Caesar first put on the mantle he is wearing. To get the romans more on his side.
How does Antony use Caesar’s body to shift the sentiments of the crowd? To show the crowd all of his wounds from each conspirator to make the crowd angry.
According to Antony, what is included in the contents of Caesar’s will? An inheritance to every citizen of Rome.
Who arrives at the end of the scene to talk to Antony? What is the nature of their conversation? A servant. Formal and orderly.
How does the change in the feelings of the plebeians reflect back to the very first scene in the play, when Flavius and Marullus became angry with them for honoring Cesar? Beginning of the play- Pompey to CaesarNow-Brutus to Antony.
What are Cinna the poet’s sentiments over what has happened to Caesar? He had a dream of Caesar.
What happens to him during this scene? He is killed.
Why was this scene included in the play? To show Mark Antony’s speech made the romans angry and ready to fight.
Who said this: “Ambition’s debt is paid”? Brutus to the conspirators after Caesar dies.
Who said this: “Why, he that he cuts off twenty years of life/ Cuts off so many years of fearing death”? Cassius to the conspirators after Caesar dies.
Who said this: “How like a deer, stroken by many princes,/Dost thou here lie!”? Antony says this to Caesar when he sees his dead body.
Who said this: “Now let it work. Mischief thou art afoot;/Take thou what course thou wilt”? Antony says this to himself after the crowd left with Caesar’s body.
Who said this: “That was the most unkindest cut of all”? Antony to the crowd when showing the stab wound Brutus gave Caesar.

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