Julius Caesar Act 3

What does Popilius say to Cassius? Popilius says to Cassius that he wishes that Cassius’ enterprise today (Ides of March) will thrive which can also be taken as saying that he hopes his venture is successful.Cassius believes Popilius knows the conspirator’s purpose.
How does Brutus know that Popilius is not warning Caesar? Brutus knows that Popilius is not warning Caesar because Popilius Lena smiles at Caesar and Caesar’s expression does not change.
Which of the conspirators has a request (suit) for Caesar? Metellus Cimber, one of the conspirators, has a request (suit) for Caesar.
What is this conspirator’s request? Metellus’s request is for Caesar to end the banishment of his brother.
What is Caesar’s response to this request? Caesar says no even though he bows because ordinary men should not overlook established laws.
Who is the first to strike Caesar? The first to strike at Caesar was Casca.
What does “Et tu, Brute?” mean? “Et tu, Brute,” means “Even you, Brutus”
What language is it in? “Et tu, Brute,” is Latin
Where has Antony gone? Antony ran/fled to his house/home.
Lines 105-109 remind the reader of what earlier event? (see Act II, scene 2, lines 76-79) Lines 105-109 remind the reader of Calpurnia’s dream of Romans bathing their hands in the blood of Caesar.
Who trusts Antony – Brutus or Cassius? The person that trusts Antony is Brutus.
Who says Antony can speak at Caesar’s funeral? Brutus says that Antony can speak at Caesar’s funeral.
Why does Cassius oppose Antony’s speaking at the funeral? Cassius opposes Antony’s speaking at the funeral because many people will be moved by his words and persuaded.
How does Antony really feel about the conspirators? Antony hates the conspirators or butchers that have killed the noblest man in all of history. He is just pretending to be meek and gently, but he will get revenge.
How is Octavius related to Julius Caesar? Octavius is Julius Caesar’s grandnephew and adopted son.
What reason does Brutus give for killing Caesar? Brutus says that they have killed Caesar because he loves Rome more than he loves Caesar and that Caesar was killed because he was too ambitious.
How do the citizens react to Brutus’s speech? The citizens react to Brutus’s speech by honoring him saying that Brutus shall live, bring triumph to his home, let him be Caesar, and to crown him.
List three good qualities or actions of Caesar stated by Antony to prove Caesar was not ambitious. -Caesar weeps when the poor have cried, he is compassionate.-Refused the crown three times from Mark Antony on the day of Lupercal.-Brought many captives home to Rome, whose ransoms did the general coffers fill. (Roman government’s treasury)
How much did Caesar bequeath each Roman citizen in his will? Caesar bequeathed each Roman citizen in his will 75 drachmas, silver coins, worth quite a bit to poor people such as those in the crowd.
What else does Caesar leave to the Romans? Caesar also leaves to the Romans all of his private parks and gardens on this side of the Tiber River to be used by the public.
How do the citizens feel about the conspirators after Antony’s speech? The citizens hate the conspirators after Antony’s speech and become enraged and want revenge.
Who has arrived in Rome at the end of Scene ii? At the end of Scene ii, Octavius has arrived in Rome.
What has happened to Brutus and Cassius? Brutus and Cassius have run away like mad men through the gates of Rome.
What mistake does the angry mob of citizens make? The mistake that the angry mob of citizens make is that they killed the wrong Cinna. They were so enraged that they slayed Cinna the poet.

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