Julius Caesar Act 3

Who tries to stop caesar on his way to the senate by giving him a letter? Artemidorus
Who begs for their brother to be allowed to return from exile? Metellus Cimber
What does Caesar compare himself to? The North Star
Who is the first person to stab Caesar? Casca
Who is the last person to stab Caesar? Brutus
What were Caesar’s last words? “Et tu Brute”
What do the conspirators do with Caesar’s blood? They wash their hands in it
How does Antony really feel when he shakes the conspirators hands? Angry
What event does Antony ask to speak at? Funeral
Who thinks its a bad idea for Antony to speak at the funeral? Cassius
What are the conditions of Antony’s speech? Antony cannot blame the conspirators Must speak after Brutus Must speak in the same place as Brutus He must say the conspirators gave him permission to speak
Antony vows to start a war when? After the conspirators left
Who has just arrived outside of Rome and who says it isn’t safe for him yet? Octavius; Antony
Brutus speaks and says Caesar was too… Ambitious
After speaking to the people who do they want to take the crown? Brutus
Who says “___friends, Romens, Countrymen, lend me your ears________” “The evil that men do lives after them; the __good_________ is oft interred with their __bones_________.” Antony
what does Antony keep calling the conspirators? Honorable men
What three things does Antony do to persuade the commoners? 1.shows Caesar was not ambitious because a. denied the crown 3 times b. brings captives home to rome c. wept for the poor 2. Shows them Caesar’s body 3. Reads the will
What did Caesar leave the people according to the will? 75 drachmas land
What do people go to do after Antony’s speech? Burn the houses of conspirators
Who has fled Rome? Cassius and Brutus
Several people beat a poet because his name is? Cinna

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