Julius caesar act 3

what group occupied caesar to the capitol artimindours
what two people have gathered to watch the procession and represent a bad omen artimandorse, soothsays
who whispers good luck to cassius poplius
who has the task of getting antony out of the way trebiuius
who decided which conspirator would stab caesar first cina
which character stabbed caesar first casca
what words does caesar utter as he realizes brutus is a conspirator brute
where does caesar die meeting
how does brutus actually feel about antony hes a threat
who servant arrives octavious
what relationship was octavious to caesar his nephews servant
brutus, what flaw of caesar caused him to kill him his ambition
how did the crowd receive brutus words they were for him
what is antony purpose in his speech to get them against caeca and brutus
the crowd ask antony to do what read the will
around caesars body how does antony incite the crowd by showing the body
who is in the new alliance with marc antony for control over rome ocatavious

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